10 Devilish Book Ideas

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  1. Soulless monster – Werewolves and vampires and other monsters that retain hints of their human selves but lack the soul. The original people are dead, but these monsters wear their face and their memories.
  2. Make Monsters Monsterous Again – Being in the outer realms protest so that they can act in the world as they want and not limited by the beliefs of the time.
  3. The Outer Courts (Book 2) – Trying to get around the bans on a common belief for monsters because of what those beliefs were in the past. What was the most common belief 100 years ago, and when do we draw the line?
  4. Devilishly Handsome – How to attract people when you yourself are ugly
  5. Purple Bulbus And Loved By All – What we appreciate and like, that should be objectively ugly.
  6. Camera’s Inside Our Brain – But nobody knows who put them there.
  7. The Satanists Attached Psychiatrist – A fun romp into crazies, not crazies, and misunderstood ideas.
  8. Kill Your Darlings – A comedy, unless you’re a writer. (or other creative)
  9. Power Of The End – A collection of short stories from people convinced that learn that they will die within a day, month, or year, and that they are going to go to hell, when they die.
  10. Manual Of The Eternal Line – A self-help book


Sabbath is coming in early (4:30) So there’s no Post-post on the weekends. At least not this weekend I’ll see how I’m feeling next week.

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I’m stopping with the answers post, at least for now, I’ve reached the point where I started asking questions that are meant to be hard to answer or whose answers aren’t easily found. I may have come back from that, but my next answers post will be of the same week so I’m not so far from where I was when I asked the questions.

Three Questions

If I were to lead a conga line through city streets, how likely could it be for the line to be split into two sides of a crosswalk? Or would we stop up trafic? How long does can a conga line get before it has to split into two? And when is the tipping point at which a conga line normally becomes 2 conga lines?

Why the hell are so many people writing Lit-RPG’s what happened to suspension of disbelief? Are some people so used to these systems that they take a world where they’re the norm for granted? Is it just wish fulfillment? Still reading reviews of these things, people still want realism, they’re just willing to take the existence of a system like that for granted. Is it that many people have interacted with fictional stories through these mechanisms no longer affect their sense of immersion?

Five Attempts At Creative* Lines
What distinguishes an attempt from the real deal? Me, if I say so it is. But that isn’t the case if other people read this. And I want other people to read this so I must get to the… I don’t have to get to the bottom of this, I can stop making pre-posts and all their derivatives.

I writen, I have wrote, and I have put words on paper and screen. Yet I feel I have wrought nothing. Well, maybe I don’t feel as if I have wrought change but I may have created something. But has it affected anyone? If not I must move on.

Grey is not a color but many colors are assumed to be grey.

Lemonade is just lemon juice with added sugar. But in this day and age juice is assumed to be sweet. So juices are sweet and lemonade has it’s own name because lemons are sour

And the clock ticks, yet it is out of battery.
Time is only counted in my head.
I count not the ticks or but it still bothers me,
For someday the clock will be dead.

Not An Answers Post

I started but got spent an hour trying to find information to answer one question and got tired. I’ll try again tomorrow, it can be my Friday post but for now. Now I’ll try and write something silly.

Or maybe not it was meant to be silly but than I started overthinking it.

6 Silly
One Silly and his name was billy and he ate a lot of snow.
But when he moved to a different school he did not want to go.
When he lived in a different town he did not want to stay.
And he claimed it ruined his life until he passed away.

Silly two lived in the loo.
All the time he went to poo.
He loved his children, his wife too.
They found him the next morning.

Silly three would not like me.
But everyone should like I don’t get it.

Silly silly brothers four.
One always happy another board,
Last was loved the thrid ignored.
But nobody could tell the difference.

And for five there was one more.
Distinct while looking like the four.
Call he once and call him twice,
his brothers mean when he was nice.
They were nice when he was mean.
He stopped smiling when they were seen.

SIlly six had brothers three.
Then the fourth one came to be.
He forgoten seemed to be.
The youngest one of four now three.


I’m posting my pre-post late today because I went out to meet my friends today and I forgot to write a pre-post before. Now I’m not sure if I’ll have time to complete my answers post today. so instead of spending a bit of time making a full pre-post here so I’ll just post today’s color and get on with it.

Yesterday’s colors were meant to be based on the Fibonacci Sequence, but I skipped a digit and that threw them all off.
Regardless today’s colors are #a43795 #913144 #c268b5

Coming Soon

My meditation today still ended up being distracted more than I would have liked it to be, but I must create order through actions. So I shall create a better schedule for myself at least for next week. And while my schedule is a bit of a skeleton schedule, getting to bed on time and getting my daily hip correction exercises done is worth it. I shall create a few skeleton habits, somehow…

Something that may help me with that would be having my posts planned out so here are my posts for next week. In addition, all of these posts are projects, so I’ll have my work cut out for me. Luckly I have started and put some thought into most of them before.

Sunday – Before It All Gets Drummed Away. A short story

Monday – Morality Measurement Devices. Probably a list, a few ideas but I want to think over the subject a bit.

Tuesday – 10 Ideas For Power Fantasies. trying to figure out why people enjoy them, and what is the minimum need for it to be a power fantasy.

Wednesday – Self Help’s Predatory Monetization Schemes

Thursday – Another Answers Post

Friday – Double Pre-Post. THe shabbath is coming in quite early, and I’m not writting a pre-post the next dayy, so if there isn’t something particualalry interesting to me I’ll just make 2 pre-posts. or maybe I’ll explore 2 interesting ideas if they come up.

Saturday – Next Week Post Ideas + Exploration of at least one political idea. Becasue I have opinions.

Today’s color.

I’m not making a thing of pre-post posts but I’m writing this in advance and scheduling this because tomorrow(well today) I am taking a day of abstinence.

Today’s colors are #11258d #3ba898 #87fdae

My day of abstinence ends at 8 so I can still write a post then, but if I feel I must not open my device still after that then there won’t be more of a post tomorrow. I wanted to write a full pre-post post now, but I’ve been falling asleep trying to do so.
I wish you the best of growth.

10 Made Up Quotes

  1. “I will draw a painting of the greatest. Or maybe I will draw the greatest painting.
    But I am not an artist I do not paint; I draw upon the world, and the world return art.
    I draw upon the people, and they produce music.
    And I draw upon the living for they produce change.”
  2. “And yet change occurs process after process step after step the world forever different every moment. But the living produce change and when changed the change compounds.”
  3. “The problem with most power fantasy is that humanity still stands. For humanity only stands because it takes more than a moment of rage to destroy what takes months or even years to build. But when in a moment of anger one can bring down a building then no building will stand.”
  4. ” I am like the earth, everyone walks over me but no-one sees what’s truly within me.”
  5. “And I am like the sky, moody.”
  6. “It would have taken years until I succeed and so I choose to try and preserve the world instead. Because otherwise, the world would not exist for me to succeed in.”
  7. “The biggest thing I’ve ever seen was this tree. It was really really big!”
  8. “It takes a fortune to build a mansion, but to build a house all you need is time.”
    “Can’t you just build a mansion if you’re building it yourself?”
    “It requires more time and energy but sure I would.”
    “So why not?”
  9. “Taxes exists for a reason but for the love of God I don’t remember why”
  10. “There are many ways to end a story but you don’t have to be the one to do it.”

Pre-Post 42

Today’s colors are #996633 #339966 #663399 I am only doing three colors a day until next Monday, so tomorrow I’ll start playing with colors of differing lightness from each other.

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

What are the least asked questions? Do I mean the questions which have been asked at least once but not again? Or do I mean what questions have never been asked at all? Either way, it matters not for if I were ot ask it here it would no longer answer my inquiry.

But do I ever truly make inquiries? In my answers post, I search for answers but when there aren’t any I tend to stop. The search for knowledge should continue onward, but there is so much we do not know that I can attempt to discover, where to start? I can justify starting with what is known because maybe the answer is known but undefined. Maybe it exists as part of something else and simply separating it outward can provide value to many. But maybe I should conduct true inquiries, it does not seem to be my calling but it is a great task for me to take on regardless.

And sometimes the humans are right. But it doesn’t matter, they’re always right. Even when they’re wrong.

How can you know if your actually right? Check the internet and ask experts? What if they disagree, or if you find conflicting information? Well, study it yourself for a few weeks or try to come to a conclusion with the person you are talking to. Neither you nor I probably know enough so instead of trying to convince them to pool your understanding and try to reach the truth.

A Few Reasons I’m Having Trouble Posting

Making stylized grains in black and white is hard. Like, really hard. Wings are easier, I went with the simplest I could for today’s project but I could do more with them. But grains, corn, wheat, barley, and the like. Tomorrow I’ll figure it out. And continue a different project I am far too distracted with something I could probably avoid. But if I am spending so much time on it I should use a familiar tool, it was arrogant of me to assume I could work a different program from day one. And I still feel tired my I feel like I’m moving through molasses.

Now I just spent an hour and a half trying to set up a meetup in these trying times. With my not very but technically autistic friends. So here A Few Possible Reasons I’m Having Trouble Posting. I think the reasons I wrote this list now is self-evident

  1. Terrible sleep habits
  2. I’m scattered – I’m trying multiple different projects at the same time
  3. I procrastinate too much
  4. I’m too self-conscious about what I post – until, I give up and stop caring. Neither of which is optimal, because even when I say I stopped caring I do want to create some value.
  5. Bad tune management – well I have time management skills when it applies to my plans but I don’t live according to my plans. And I don’t follow my schedule.
  6. I try to distract myself too early in the day – and I don’t act according to my priorities instead of doing what is easiest first.

It’s late I’m tired and I’m done with this for today. Tomorrow I will make up a number of quotes because no matter what I’ll be able to do something with that premise. See you then hopefully, or in a week if you won’t come back until I have my shit back together.

Pre-Post 41

Today’s colors are #95354c #7e3595 #354c95

Three Questions:

What are the 10 most recognizable brands in the world? What were they 10 years ago? Is there any brand that would be placed in the top hundred every year for the last hundred years? (coca-cola maybe?) What about fifty years? (now I’m just setting myself a bit of a challenge when my answers post catches up to this.)

Is there a point where we can declare information old? Is it when more pertinent information comes to the fore?

Why do monsters become less monstrous as time goes on? Does the danger they represent become less prevalent, do stories of conquest require new foes to overcome? A great and mighty dragon is terrifying, but once there are many stories of knights beating them, we need something else. Or do we?

Four Creative Lines:

I was once rightfully feared, but now I am hunted.
Yet soon, I shall be feared again.
I need do nothing, and the cycle will continue, for like many monsters, you do my work for me.

If we believe that there exist crimes so heinous the people committing them forfeit their right to live. Then we must bring the end of some cultures. I hope we never find ourselves in the position to do so.

But enough with the darkness; there is good in the world, even for those who refuse to define it.

And in the name of the good, we could forgo some rights, for our culture, our society is not perfect, and in the future, we may be condoned for our reckless abandon and for not caring any further than how it affects us.