25 Questions We Can Be Curious About (But Probably Aren’t)

This list isn’t about being the first one to raise these questions. As they probably have been raised before. But it is to ask (or in my case consider) these questions for the first time.

  1. Where are plumbers trained?
  2. What is the class structure in plumber school? (if there is such a thing)
  3. Is there a minimum pipe size for moving sewage around? (How much waste do we expect)
  4. How will we deal with clogs in underground pipes?
  5. What is the most effective way of cleaning ourselves if we don’t take comfort into account?
  6. Does feeling clean actually affect how well we clean ourselves and in what way?
  7. How does historical context affect our understanding of historical documents? (for example, I recently listened to a reading of the American Declaration of Independence and there are a lot of things said their which are applicable to modern political discourse.)
  8. Why is Happiness seen as good except when brought about as a result of drugs? Does it symbolize something commendable or is it just a double standard?
  9. What is the history of seeing happiness as something good?
  10. Is there a culture where expressing happiness is seen as improper? Why is this so?
  11. Why is math thought in school but some of the underlining logic isn’t?
  12. Why do we consume complex potentially thought-provoking media when our goal is to unwind?
  13. What are the requirements for opening up a dry cleaning place? (legal and otherwise)
  14. What does the construction line for pencils look like?
  15. How is glass mass-manufactured if it is at all?
  16. Why don’t we care?
  17. Why should we care?
  18. Is perfectionism the enemy of getting things done or am I just lazy?
  19. Why doesn’t everyone know how to take care of their car and replace their own tires?
  20. Why do I keep on asking leading questions? Why are we drawn to do so?
  21. Why can’t I find much information on training eyes? (there are many claims that certain actions affect vision in various ways but why haven’t I found anything trying to do the reverse)
  22. Why don’t we put emphasis on actions that can cause permanent detrimental physical effects later in life? More than just telling children who haven’t fully developed mentally that it will be bad for them in a nebulous future?
  23. How does cold help preserve food and other organic materials?
  24. What makes a design iconic?
  25. Why do I think this post is in any way interesting?

An unkept promise…

Hello, dear readers (To all 12-37 of you). If you’ve been following my recent posts you may know I’ve begun writing really short stories in addition to my daily posts (400-500 words they can be found here). Know I’ve said I would write one every day for 10 days in a previous post. But I forgot to take Pesach cleaning into account and am a little fatigued. As I have many personal projects in the works I would like to apologize for not writing one today (to the 3 people who actually follow them) and for making a promise I can’t keep. I will probably put less effort into blog-related content for the next 2-3 weeks but will continue with the daily posts. I will also limit side posts such as the stories to 1 or 2 a week.

Regardless, the one promise I won’t break is the promise to write a post every day. So despite my preoccupation here is what I can put together for today.

10 Reasons Taking On Origami As A Hobby Can Make you Feel Better/Improve Your Mental State (Many things here aren’t specific to Origami)

  1. You can decorate your living space with something you produced yourself.
  2. There is a sense of order in your work.
  3. You have a sense of improvement
  4. If you don’t try things too far beyond your level it rewards or fulfills perfectionism
  5. It can be done cheaply
  6. You can impress others
  7. It rewards patience
  8. You can better appreciate the work of experts, you gain an appreciation for a new form of art.
  9. You can use it as a vessel to learn or apply some math and geometry.
  10. You’re less likely to touch your face when you’re using your hands for something else
  11. It’s something that if you put enough time into it can bring about a flow state. It’s a form of art that doesn’t just allow but rewards imitation as training.

24 Names For An Underground Human vs Animal Fighting Ring

It’s late and I’m tired okay? The names don’t want to make it obvious and all that.

  1. The Colosseum
  2. Crokodile Cage
  3. The Modern Darwinist
  4. The Indoor Wild
  5. Ceasar’s Judgment
  6. The Lions Graveyard
  7. Proof of Superiority
  8. The House Of The Living
  9. The Underdog’s Alehouse
  10. Faiths Provinground
  11. The Beggars Way Out
  12. The Bear Cave
  13. The Poison Jar
  14. Kingslayers Den
  15. Archeologists’ Dreamland
  16. The Reverse Pyramid
  17. Bigfoot’s Forest
  18. The THE – Tiger v Human Entertainment
  19. Hillside Fort
  20. Brittle Bone Bunker
  21. Middle Eastern Wheatfield
  22. Barbarian’s Court
  23. Last Chance Chamber
  24. The 13th Labour

An Additional 12 Attempts To Write Wise Sounding Quotes

Sorry for not completing today’s short story we changed the clocks and the Sabbaths ended at 7:30. From now on I will post Friday morning instead of after the sabbath but I probably won’t be able to complete my attempts at short stories on the weekends.

  1. Try everything you can while you can. Whatever it is it won’t be possible in the future.
  2. We do things because they are scarce and we won’t be able to do them again. But do we ever think if we should do them at all?
  3. Everything is worth doing even negative experiences feed our understanding.
  4. Study and experience can advance us. But we already contain more information than we have the capacity to act upon. why should we burden ourselves with more temptations when we can instead find satisfaction in mastery?
  5. Do you desire the life of a scribe when you can instead have a typewriter?
  6. I would rather have a place in a society that needs me than feed off of one that doesn’t.
  7. You too can be a source of inspiration.
  8. A wise man doesn’t add soup to wine.
  9. Many fools chose to wallow in the world that failed them. Few try to change it.
  10. The revolutionary who survives a failed revolution won’t survive a successful one.
  11. Revolution is the brash man’s alternative to change.
  12. You’re using flower language as an alternative to actually making an argument.

    So are you.

12 Ideas For Short Stories That Are From The Perspective Of A Child

I spent so much time today trying to write a short story I may as well write a related post.
Today’s short stories is actually a story and not a bad poem like yesterday’s regardless they both can be found here. If I decide that a tory a day will ever be a thing I’ll take a few from here.
Remember that tomorrow being Friday I will probably not post anything onto my blog.

  1. The Longest Night of The Year – imagination and a childlike mysticism
  2. Slaying The Tiger Of The Tall Bushes – This story will be told mostly from the perspective of the child imagination
  3. The Boy With Long Hair – children are mean sometimes
  4. The Evil Inhuman Masterminds – An innocent child imitating the less than good actions of surrounding adults
  5. The Magic Book Of Words And Numbers – The perspective character can’t yet read
  6. Sweet Foods – A child who didn’t get fed sweet foods when young and doesn’t really see the point
  7. Bigger Grown-ups – “Because I’m A Grown-Up Too”
  8. Nobody Listens – Learning It’s not all about you. No, Really It isn’t all about you…
  9. The Wrong Lessons – About war movies…
  10. Video Games Are For Kids – A kid want’s to play his parent’s game…
  11. Learning to write – so three dots are essentially a triple dot which means it super ends the sentence and all paragraphs should end with…
  12. Most Precious Rocks – emotional attachment to small seemingly worthless objects

I updated this one day in delay because WordPress was acting up and it wouldn’t allow me to upload this.

Another 16 Unlikley Occurrences

After me talking about wanting to produce value yesterday I can’t seem to complete any of my lists, as my mind is always elsewhere when I start writing them. As such I will probably reuse previous list topics.

  1. People will put in the time to learn effective time management skills.
  2. There will be a large scale movement to regreen the forest sponsored by lumber companies who developed what is essentially GMO trees that grow incredibly quickly.
  3. More color names and distinction will be developed by English speakers and taught in school.
  4. New color distinctions will come and they will lead to a new wave of art playing on color.
  5. People who like {insert local popular music genre} will ever get tired of {all that} and search for music that is truly unfamiliar (doesn’t share style or uses different musical tropes)
  6. This post will be seen by more than 100 people (hell I’d be lucky if 50 people saw it)
  7. English ever becomes easier to learn.
  8. A Sci-Fi book accurately describes a future technology.
  9. People who decide to do something “sometime later” actually get it done to a satisfactory extent.
  10. Honesty in advertising ever applies to the flaws of the product being sold. (despite the fact that seeming honest can be a selling trait)
  11. There stops being so much sugar in everything.
  12. People create artificial coral reefs. For any reason. (if you know anything about the subject I would be happy to pitch my 2 cents even if it ends in you explaining to me how stupid my idea is. I’ve already put some thought into it but my understanding of coral reefs is insufficient.)
  13. Someone creates a course on how to use inspiration to actually get stuff done.
  14. A professional doctor or surgeon works for 5 years without making any professional mistakes (as in mistakes in the practice of their profession).
  15. The U.S government ever stops subsidizing corn. (corn is in many ways agricultural plastic off as it is so cheap, largely as a result of said subsidies, that people found ways to use it for nearly everything. Here are some examples note: there is little about corn starch specifically that makes it more useful than other vegetable starches {and fruit starches as corn is technical fruit} and many things extracted from corn can also be extracted from other plant life.)
  16. Underground apartment housing becomes both financially viable and sought after.

10 Really Short Stories I Will Write Over The Next 10 Day’s

In my Arabic course, one of my weekly assignments is to write a short story, 10 or more sentences, using the vocabulary I learned in class and using the grammatical forms I learned in class. As I always have trouble coming up with stories I decided to make a list of 10 topics that I can write a short story about and while including the proper grammatical forums. As I felt that this list would be making in value If I didn’t do something more I will be posting a story a day (in English based on the premise introduced in this list) on a side page so that something more comes out of this post.

I realized that my security software might have been blocking a lot of comments so please stand by as I sort it out. It would also be helpful if you commented Something (just the word “Something”) on this post so that I can find out why it was blocking the comments and so that I can whitelist you for the time being.

  1. Asking For Directions – An internal monolog of someone who is socially awkward
  2. The Perfect Place Setting – just what it sounds like
  3. How The Kids Play – Old people watching little people
  4. Planting Trees – About gardening
  5. Staying Hydrated – for a longer title it would be staying hydrated in times of crisis
  6. What I got myself into – Internal monolog of wannabe thrillseeker
  7. He Has A Driving Licence Still- about someone who crashes a lot
  8. Name a meal – not sure yet there’s a lyrical nature to it but the idea isn’t fully formed in my head
  9. A friendly conversation – I’ll be trying to convey atmosphere
  10. Lies – more internal monologing but if even one of them comes out as I imagine it they’ll be worth it.

24 Breakfast Snack Names (70% Percent Accurate)

  1. Funky Crunchies
  2. An Apple A Day Breakfast Cereal
  3. Re-meal Fresh Fruit Flavors
  4. Intermittent Water
  5. Respectfully Modest Fried Corn Flakes
  6. 27 Letter Alphabet Sweets (With Punctuation Included)
  7. Lovey Doveys
  8. Sodium Free Mini Sweet Pretzel
  9. Spicy Buttercups
  10. Pre-meal Calorie Free Water
  11. Goaty Toasties
  12. Lental Snacks
  13. Daily Dose Of Diabetes
  14. All-Natural Special Edition Premium Toasted Bread Platinum Teeth Edition: with the perfect balance of wheat, charcoal, yeasts and you won’t believe it’s not buttered.
  15. All-Natural Smoked Greens
  16. All-Natural Calorie-Free Chinese Spotted Bat
  17. Tree-meal Realistic Fruit
  18. Bark Is Actually incredibly Good For you So Eat These Premium Bark Snacks
  19. Donut Filled Donut Snacks (20% Real Donut)
  20. Still edible after being hidden in the back of the cabinet for who knows how long Sugar-Free Dried Plums (warning tastes like sugar-free plums)
  21. Entre-meal Level Ice Cream
  22. Extrovert Tears (limited edition only)
  23. Crackered Nuts
  24. 360 Degree-meal Superpack

Thinking About Exercise

I have no clue who is my audience (other than my family who read this). So I hope you enjoy this, I hope yesterday’s rushed bit was at least somewhat enjoyable to read, and I hope I can provide some benefit (even if only entertainment) to the people who read this. (I also hope more people will read this but that is a Me problem). In addition, if there is any interest, today’s post would benefit greatly from some discussion in the comments. (I’ll participate too) and if you would like a better forum for discussing hypotheticals of the sort let me know and I will find/create one and link it below.
Regardless I don’t normally exercise as much as I should so…
10 Hypotheticals regarding exercise

  1. How would we use social media, if we were constantly bombarded with adds or notifications about how exercise makes us feel better, or how sitting is bad for our backs, (focusing primarily on how it makes us feel,) or, if we’re using our phones something about carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain.
  2. If there were breathing exercises that had the same practical effects as normal exercise, including the exhaustion and physical discomfort (strain) but could be performed while sitting down or while performing another action would we exercise more? Or would we do it for a few weeks then decide that it is too tiring.
  3. Would you exercise more if you were taught how in school?
  4. If you could discover the best way to exercise to get certain results and you knew how much, how often, and at what intensity to do so how would it affect your (and let’s be honest my) behavior?
  5. If movies had more accurate portrayals of what it took to get fit and the only characters who were fit in movies would be the ones who deserve it according to the circumstances would that actually make people feel better about their bodies? Or does an unrealistic expectation of results encourage us to exercise?
  6. Would people who exercise as much if muscle memory didn’t kick in?
  7. Would people exercise more if it was we knew how to exercise with proper form? Or would that lead to greater difficulty for people who are starting to exercise more consistently leading to fewer people exercising but those that do being more healthy?
  8. If people had a better sense of rhythm would “exercise music” be more effective.
  9. If all (at least all people surrounding you [or me?]) people learned an instrument at a young age would the practice methods transfer over to exercise habits.
  10. As many of the hypotheticals listed above are things that can be implemented into someone’s personal life. Would anyone reading one of the above Hypotheticals and believing that it would have a positive effect on their exercise habits actually put in the effort of making it real for themselves?

10 Ideas I Could Come Up Within 10? Minutes

Because I have underestimated how much time I need to put into other projects and I forgot to write a post.

  1. Stuffed animals made for stuffed animal fights (pillow fights. you throw them at each other kids love it but the plastic eyes sometimes get in the way)
  2. a distance-based keyboard – you type by pressing on the first key than what the key’s you type are entered on their location in relation to each other. There would be a built-in setting to shift all letters by one space to the left (or right or whatever) so to help people who touch type. This will probably come in the form of auto-correcting software.
  3. A podcast covering the worst crimes/wars you never heard of – It would be called something like, China, Timor, and the wars in Africa.
  4. An easy outline on how to make lists so I’m not left scrambling.
  5. Giant Clay Model Cars
    • Ahhhhhhhh I’m running out of time
  6. 12 lists I truly promise to write this time.
  7. Special door flaps put under the top and bottom of the door to prevent heat loss in cold environs.
  8. Exotic Alcoholic Beverages made by fermenting exotic fruit than sold as scare special and rare with a huge markup.
  9. The children’s book of scary things which can’t actually hurt you. (because what doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger)
  10. Making 2 lists on Thursday so that this doesn’t happen again.
  11. One of the previous entries probably doesn’t count so – a solid definition or series of definitions I can use in order to define what can go on one of these lists. Or at least when an additional entry is required to make the list complete(in a sense).