Fast-day Afterpost

Today’s color is #679f40

I’m not asking questions today because it’s late and I’m after a fast, I’m still in the mindset that I was while fasting and I’m to bust finding looking for answers. Still, I should write something so I’ll try to have an idea.

An Idea:

I don’t have an idea right now.

See you tomorrow I guess. I’ll put extra time in then but I need my brain to for myself today.

Pre-Post Post 3

Today’s color is #d42194

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines (I have discovered that this is my favored method):

When does a story end? And can we see our lives as stories? Are we but actors in MANY STORIES AND ARE ALIVE IN THE STORIES THAT REMAIN. But that is not true, we remember stories, and we remember facts, and sometimes characters are greater than the stories they appear in. Sometimes we are people, but few remember us a such, for we do not speak, and we do not hear; we are as real to them as the words on the paper.

I’ve been feeling poetic recently, and eventually, I shall reach a point where what I produce is true poetry and not the ramblings of a mad man.
But I am not insane or crazy; I must simply put parts of my understanding aside to reach something deeper. And until I know what to put aside, I shall speak as a mad man does.

Can we create an algorithm for how to start a story? This information must be communicated; this must be communicated only if, and this shouldn’t be communicated unless. Use words such as, or maybe not for language changes in it’s meaning, and use more or less fluff depending on {x,y,z} factors. DO we want this to exist? A tool so that we can communicate our worlds more easily? Or do we want it to be difficult? Is it simply that writers would rather write than come up with something like this? Are they more focused on the chaotic creative element and do not want constraints? I do not know what I do know is that the beginning of a story is where many fall, while the story is still worth telling.

How much pressure can we use to send water through a pipe, lets say a pipe that is 6 meters long and has an internal circumference of 1 meter squared, while having it remain in liquid form. Let us assume we have an unlimited supply of water and can choose how much water we are using and how much pressure we want to apply but the pipe must be filled with the water. How would we do so?

Wow, that was, kinda, not good. Just the last one though, the previous ones had some potential, but the last one… I’ll stop for today.

Weekend Post

And I’ve pushed this off a bit too far so here are as many questions as I can think of in the 25 minutes left to me. So I’ll see if I can create a pseudo-pre-post. Well, it was supposed to be a pseudo-pre-post but I got distracted by a different idea.

Questions And An Idea:

How often are do we have a conversation where both sides are talking about different things? How often do we speak about the exact same thing? Can we create a measure for how two-sided a conversation is?
Are people just talking to themselves? I’ve heard once that when having a conversation with another person you’re not talking to them but to a caricature, you have of them (a straw man if you will) and they have to say something that completely breaks immersion or you’ll keep listening to them in that way.

That also aligns itself with the idea* that you can only convince someone if you are willing to be convinced by them, because then at least you are thinking of them as something similar to yourself. A independent thinking being who reached different conclusions, and not necessarily because they are wrong, or have different information.

But for now, I rest and hope you all a great week.

*I get a lot of traction out of on not defining the word Idea

Pre-Post Post 2

Because they are posts based on my pre-posts until I recover my brain.

Today’s color is #48eebb

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

Can you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped? Change someone for their better? There are methods with which nearly anyone can be changed, but I don’t agree with most of those on moral grounds. But what about criminals and prisoners? They too have rights, so let us focus on changing them through positive and moral means? But is it possible, or is it a waste of resources? Well, maybe some of them want to change even if only not to be where they are now. So what about helping people who want to change, that should be easier? Shouldn’t it? But first, you must distinguish between who wants to change, who is willing to change, and they who are unwilling to change their ways.

How can we tell what people want? I do not know.
But what about what people tell you they want? Can asking a question multiple times give you a better sense of the answer? How much time between the question how many times to ask? Is a simple survey enough? a question on the wall, or does it just become habit. Do YOU want to change to become someone who can get out of this place? And are YOU willing to change your behavior in {x, y, z} ways? Is that enough, a question on the wall so that when people reach the moment they are willing they will go to you of their own accord?
Not a perfect answer but something.

Who do we trust to be moral, and who do we want to put education in the hands of? Do we trust ourselves enough? And are our morals sufficient for people who struggle with our systems?
The issue lies here, not in the capacity for change but in our willingness to let those who represent us push their ideals onto other. But if their ideas are different from our own why do they represent us? There are few places where this still stands as we often give them authority to teach our children, but at the same time we still have access to our children and their teachings, so we can help our children grow. But while we don’t want to see the darkness and those who have wronged us we are unwilling to put their thoughts under our systems control. And so we propagate something we are unsatisfied with.

10 Book Title ideas For Today

  1. Overly Unrepresented
  2. Victims Of Ourselves
  3. Self Propagating Deceptions
  4. …And A Happy End For All…
  5. lower case masterpiece
  6. Invisible Growths – for good and ill
  7. Overuse Of The Hyphen
  8. A Cause To Avoid Concern
  9. The Greatest Jobs For Your Psyche
  10. Evolution Of “The Masses”

Pre-Post 27 +

Today’s color is #34768a

Three Questions:

If given infinite resources for an hour what would I do? What would you do? Would we try to enrich ourselves or to fix world issues? Would it actually help in the long run?

How often do quick fixes backfire? Is there any way to produce a decent approximation? Would this data actually affect people’s behavior or would whatever biases are already there kick in?

What can we do in order to make car accidents less likely? Well, drive less, find some new-fangled car upgrade, etc. But what simple habit can be adopted by a majority of people that will make it less likely? Maybe car etiquette, where what is socially acceptable to do is what is safe? We’ll but if nobody knows it’s you social pressure loses most of its impact. So how do we fix that?

10 One Liners (I’m not feeling creative, so I’ll try a different method)

  1. A one-liner should be one line long
  2. You’re slightly better than him slightly
  3. Many times have I tried this, but only with you has it worked
  4. Thank you, friend, without your feeble attempts at stopping me I would never have gotten this far.
  5. Life is longer when you’re with me
  6. Many have failed before, but when one guy succeeds everyone thinks they can do it.
  7. A teacher is not necessary, you only need someone to copy.
  8. Context is important, that’s why there is none.
  9. Say what you will but… Well say it we’ll see.
  10. The downside of a just and moral society is an overabundance of living idiots.

I have 37 minutes of time left until my computer runs out of battery, and the electricity is out so I won’t be able to another post right after this one, if the electricity is back today, I’ll probably write a short post then.

(this isn’t changing the post it’s adding to it)
Well, the electricity is back but I don’t think I’ll write another post today. I think until I’m Back I’ll have my daily posts be something similar to this I hope to be back with it within two weeks. So goodnight and I hope to see you then.

A Thing

I must write something every day, I said I would. Well my pre-posts would fulfill that obligation, but I feel obligated to do more, but in all honesty, I don’t want to. So to get it out of my way I’ll write something soon after writing my pre-posts daily, and until I’m Back I’ll satisfy myself with editing that a bit. But then to my own things and my own work.

But here is a thing, it is a big thing, but not too big. It holds within it a lot of potential, but when it is just a thing the only purpose it can serve is that of a Macguffin. And yet the thing assumes it is much it can be much it will be everything. But it mistakes can with will, and with effort it can be anything, but it cannot be everything, and knowing that within itself it chooses not to become anything, until in time, it is lost.

Pre-Post 26

Today’s color is #9c5288

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

Which historical army would best utilize muskets if some time traveler taught them hot to make it? What historical nation, given a few more decades, would have discovered a game-changing type of weaponry? What innovations had the most effect on war, and when did weapons become more of a factor than training? Has it ever? It is known that most soldiers are better with training, and 100 well trained and experienced soldiers with 50-year-old guns can beat 100 greenhorns with guns made yesterday, but for that, we need to define a base level of training, after which there are diminishing returns? Does modern weaponry simply increase the danger level of an individual, or does it make you reach the point of diminishing returns in training earlier? Maybe the reason technology is valued so highly is not that training is less effective but because conflicts have a high fatality rate, and that training can only do so much to stop that. It’s not that training is less valued, but it’s far easier to lose a well-trained soldier, and one ambush can even the fields.
So training becomes this group of better-trained soldiers has a 59% chance of surviving this conflict with x number of casualties, instead of 52%. And on that morbid note, I’ll move on to the next one.

Are our teachers better than they were in the past? Or do we simply have a larger pool of base knowledge and facts we can build our opinions on? Does the existence of the scientific method and our approach to solving problems as a society affect the quality of our teachers? Or is it just their teachers and teaching methods?
But, if we were to invent a new better teaching method, how would we get it implemented? Would the existing teachers resist? Probably, it would be untested at first, but do we really want to test something at risk of our children’s future; as a society, we put great value on education, so do we want to test changes? Well, some people would be willing, those who believe it works. But we don’t want to let people’s lives be ruined in case they are wrong, so we assign the responsibility to the government to hold invocation at bay, because the risks are great eve, if only a few are affected. But what if there is great harm caused by our current system? And we don’t know because we don’t know better. Better education would have an effect on everything, crime would drop, innovation would increase, we would live greener healthier lives.

What is the best thing? The things most people would agree on is good? Or the thing that if you made a goodness measure where people had to put in 1 to 10 on their own subjective goodness scale, what would have the highest average score? But is what people think is good the things which are most good? On one hand, we are the measure, on the other hand, people do things which we would see as despicable and have no problem with that. So philosophers may debate the answer to the first, and I would like there to be an answer to be second, so I’ll check that when I’m done with this, there probably is something for some countries but not worldwide, and move on to the next thing for now.

What isn’t bad is good.
What isn’t good is bad.
How does it stand in your head?

The in-between came later, we defined individuals by their actions and sometimes they were neither good nor bad enough. Then we started judging ideas and actions as we judge people. And now we judge actions that were not judged before, is eating good or bad? Yes, for it sustains us, but no for by our judgments we eat too much.

I’ll Be Taking A Break From This

I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with what to write for this and I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to come up with things for this and it hasn’t been going anywhere. So I’ll stop trying for a week or two. Not to say I’ll stop posting stuff and my pre-posts will still happen, but if there are things that I write that you find particularly interesting don’t expect to see much of that (unless it’s book idea posts, l can probably write a few hundred of those. Just give me a few days between them.) until I get my… well until I get my stuff back in order.

I am simply unwilling to stop because I don’t know if I’ll start again, so if you do like and follow my content I would recommend just skimming the titles and seeing what’s interesting. When I feel my thoughts are back in order I’ll title that days pre-post I’m Back. So see you then.

9 Equally Bright Colors (well they should be.)

  1. #7711ee
  2. #1119ee
  3. #eee611
  4. #ee1119
  5. #11eee6
  6. #ee1188
  7. #11ee77
  8. #1188ee
  9. #ee7811

Pre-Post 25

Today’s color is #21bb4d I know, it’s a little lazy but what am I to do?

Three Questions:

What is the bird with the fastest airspeed velocity? What bird travels the most distance over the course of a year? What bird covers the most distance over the course of a month?

Can we create machines that fly like birds? Would they be energy efficient? Is nature energy efficient, or is it about getting to the energy, the food, fastest? Many herbivores are slow and live energy efficient lifestyles, but others are based on moving really fast, and that’s not an efficient use of energy. Now I don’t doubt that they move fast as efficiently, but, I don’t know, Hummingbirds = Not efficient, so can we learn strategies for the more efficient use of energy from nature? That’ll be my question.
And can we learn strategies for efficiency from hummingbirds or the like? With the amount of energy they use, every percentage of efficiency counts.

Four Creative* Lines:

Questions are asked in order to acquire information. (In theory, in practice there are many other rhetorical uses.) And the reason I see many questions as one I’m not often satisfied with the first answer.
The other reason is that I tend to be asking a lot of things when I ask one question, and I am simply putting out here the follow-up questions and the ones normally left unasked.

I am creative, I am I AM I AM, I don’t need to prove it.
But I do, someone creative is one who creates, and without creating I can be at most imaginitive. So I shall create an idea, an attempt at something resembling poetery in 2 lines, that being 8 lines of text.

One day wake up the next day sleep,
have I acomplished something deep?

One day asleep and the next awake,
What will be left in my wake?

One year pass and memory remains,
How long will my creations sustain?

One becomes ten and ten becomes more,
When taken for granted my self is ignored.

12 Non-Curse Curses

I tried another post today, but it was about people and I haven’t interacted enough with people to create a post of that type. At least if I don’t want it to be misleading. So instead I’ll make it silly.

  1. Frickity frock that’s a load of crock
  2. Frickity frack, are you on crack?
  3. Eat some fruit ya pirate
  4. Pickidy poo, what’s wrong with you?
  5. Lickidy knee, what’s wrong with me?
    (it should probably go Lickady, but I’m spelling it as it sounds. At least to me.)
  6. Pretzel Twister – also an insult, I need more exclamations, well I have more exclamations but I need ones that are I can spell in English. I can’t just have P’cnlhc, it doesn’t communicate clearly the impact.
  7. Snake eggs – an exclamation
  8. Tick Eater – back to personal insults I guess
  9. Nostalgia Bait – wow know I’m just getting hurtful, but I try to be too clever at times so let me go for something smaller.
  10. Maximum Overhole
  11. Minimus thinkus
  12. Pen Tumbler