Greetings fellow humans, today I too vegged having gone to sleep far too late last night. My religious studies kinda got distracted with the Rabbi’s discussions of if Balaam slept with his donkey, seeing as unlike others who rode horses he seemed to take a donkey everywhere despite being rich and famous among other details, and my fingers were too sore to do my Piano exercises. I did finally get to 10 pushups in a sitting though.

On the other hand last night I think I figured out the complete structure of my first composition so all I have left to do is compare it to my previous versions, compile and print it. I’ve been having trouble finding what to write here recently but so since I am new to this I will try at least one Big post every week. Greeting father and goodbye (in a literal sense and not a dramatic one. I would have left it as planned but I thought that it might seem a little suicidal and that’s not what I was trying to communicate, and yes I think about things like this far too often. But otherwise, I would not be able to act in a social context at all [and there I go rewriting and correcting sentences again{there I go adding parentheses to correct my self again <I’d wonder how far I can take this meta-(meta-{meta})-commentary (because a blog itself is a commentary on one’s own life and I use parentheses in order to comment on this blog so each comment, and meta-comment, is going deeper into and yet farther form the base communication) > } ] ).

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  1. I love it. And I love you. And the thing is to find something worthy of you. And I’ve also found a list of ten ideas is a good way to fill a moment in your blog.
    Ten push-ups is a big deal. What else can you take on?
    Mark Joyner shared a good one today: The problem is not aiming too high and missing. It’s aiming too low and achieving. Aim high. There’s a lot more fun (or at least meaning) there.

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