Day six list one

Salutations relatives of varying degrees, I’ve been planing on putting my composition together, but I have more variations on the base theme then I know what to do with. the plan is to have someone (probably Manu) sit down as I play variants of the composition and let me know how they come across. I’ve already vacuumed today and I’ve been alternating Hannon piano exercises with pushups, for each set of three Hannons I’ve been doing five pushups.

I’m taking my father’s suggestion of making a 10 ideas list to fill up space in my blog.

10 tasks/exercises that will be more fun, or more effective, if I mix them with something else (I know the list is vague but it wasn’t easy to come up with enough entries {as you can tell by the pointless meta-comment used to waste time as I tried to think of more entries}):

  • My sight-reading exercises with jumping jacks, 1 to 15.
  • Psoas with running, 20min to 15min.
  • Math but every 10 minutes I do one of the following exercises in any order, 10 pushups, 2 sets of running up and down the stairs, 15 jumping jacks, 4 pullups, etc(this list is currently incomplete and probably will remain so forever).
  • Blogging with learning a piano piece, for each paragraph 15min piano.
  • listening to music before writing out pieces of my composition, specifically music which does what I’m trying to accomplish.
  • listening to music after writing out pieces of my composition, specifically music I want to be distinct from, can be the music I listened to before but can also be something with a different feel that I’m getting to close to.
    • the previous 2 entries are translatable to non-music-related subjects, but that’s where I am right now.
  • watching educational videos in various subjects before making my list of ten, so that my list can be about ideas and questions regarding said subjects and not be as vague and difficult to make as this one.
    • and here is the meta-comment (which is a meta-(meta)-comment {which is a meta-(meta-{meta})-comment [which… *closes an infinite number of parentheses* and as such is an infinitely regressive loop. Anyway’s back to the list.
  • get deeper into subjects while studying for the פסיכומטרי. I have more than enough time before the test that I can really develop an understanding of the subjects I’m supposed to know.
  • walk the dog after going to pray in the morning.
  • set up my Simplology to include both tasks/exercises that I do together for both a greater sense of accomplishment and to remind myself to get these done

I realized today how the quote: “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in a year” is relevant to the important vs urgent distinction. I’m not sure how to explain said connection so I will it to you to think about.

Love (in a totally cool familial way) Ilan Meir Herz.

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