Day 8

Howdy there, recently I’ve realized that I haven’t been thinking about my future in a productive manner, heck I’ve barely been thinking of the future at all. And still, when I try to plan something out I don’t know where to start. I’ve made list after list after list but as the entries hold no priority over each other I still get stuck in the choosing. Now to get away from my excuses. The main benefits I get from being lost are not having to interact with strangers too much, a certain freedom from being held accountable, and a fear of changing (this fear of changing is at constant odds with my desire to become More). I’m working on putting these aside but having an obvious path may help with some temporary goals and should be a high priority. A big step in the right direction would be getting back to my Simplology and making sure to do a full consecutive 30 days of the white belt training before moving forward to actually build the habit and not just claim to have tried it.

Today’s list of ten I made this list because I realized that despite not wanting many things for there own sake I still really like things.

Ten things I Would like to Experiment with (this gives me a reason for wanting money which further encourages me to get things done {my belief is that I know enough about money and monetization that if I’m productive enough I will be able to transform that into money [not necessarily a lot of money but enough] using the Internet}):

  • Various sets of flat polarized lenses that filter different amounts and wavelengths of light (a pair of each)
  • Springs a whole lot of them and things I can connect them with (possibly lego if they ever did something of the sort)
  • A whole lot of pistons
  • A high-quality electronic piano
  • An Arduino set (works best with the pistons)
  • Clasps and clamps and other ways of holding things together (I almost forgot but these are important)
  • A 3d printer
  • A high-quality printer that prints on cardstock
  • Filters, pipes, pumps, and other tools I can use and understand the flow of liquids
  • An indoor Hydroponics system (for science and strawberries)

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