Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

Salutations fellow Homo-sapiens, it is I. Today was (still is while I’m writing this) a fast day and I used that as an excuse to not get anything done, well I practiced some piano sight-reading and I did a few of my exercises but I wasn’t working towards any of my pre-defined goals when I did them. So here I am it’s almost seven and I haven’t yet posted anything. Yesterday was Saturday, and seeing as I’m a religious jew, I hadn’t posted and don’t include that within my posting every day (maybe I’ll post Sunday morning but I’m not guarantying anything).

Unrelated note (opening of a new topic may never mention again and doesn’t even get more than 2 sentences); yesterday I got Manu to start reading a book (he still reading it as type this out) and intend to make him into an avid reader.

While listening to my British history podcast today the podcast host mentioned archeology and how in many cases, such as religious buildings, it is impossible for us to figure out how what happened and what the religious practices and beliefs actually were. This point reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday about discrepancies, incredibly minor ones like the loss of a vav or the size of a letter, in different edot versions of the Tanach and how Rabbis try to deal with such problems and if we can truly ever discover which one is the historical Tanach or if it was lost to history.

So here for my list of ten, I’m taking one of my father’s suggestion and…

Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves:

  • What do I justify to myself by partaking in X self-destructive behavior?
  • Do I actually want to be the person I pretend to be in my head (or the sum of my thoughts) if so why aren’t I? and if not what can I do to think differently? (in this case, start by internally disproving yourself every time said unwanted thought comes up)
  • Why did I just think that? (ask yourself this often)
  • Is what I’m doing important or urgent?
  • What can I do, and what can I get rid of, so that fewer urgencies are getting in my way?
  • What can I do to improve myself within the framework of existing habits(for example if you have a habit of checking {insert social media platform(s) of personal choice here}, then you can post things on said {social media platform} that will encourage you to act in accordance with current goals, or you can make contacts on said {social media platform} hold you accountable to what is important to you)
  • what habits do I have which are purely detrimental? and what can I do to change them (It’s hard to just drop habits forever)
  • What am I thankful for? What should I be thankful for? What can I be thankful for? (ask yourself this daily thankfulness is incredibly good for your spiritual and social health)
  • What is needed to convince me that I’m wrong? and what do I dismiss without thinking through?
  • Why am I tired at this moment? (go through the previous questions when this comes up some of them will help you actually find an answer)

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