Greetings distant readers, today happened and I don’t remember much, I woke up late had a lot of toast practised piano a bit and did a few of my exercises and don’t know where the rest of my day went so I’ll think through what happened and do better in the future (or at least be more present to what’s happening).

10 Things I can do in order to be more Present:

  • Make a list at the end of the day of what I did and what I can do to build on it. put said list by my bed where I’ll see it the next day.
  • When consuming information review, optimally in writing, what I did learn and what I can learn regarding said information.
  • Do something active every 2 hours or so, it helps me pay attention to my environment.
  • Look to see what I can do in order to make my life more comfortable/efficient, cleaning, organizing my stuff.
  • Every morning organize my priorities (it makes me pay attention to what I’ve been doing in file)
  • Stop every so often to observe my enviorment, start in the morning and before bed until eventually, you start doing it automatically.
  • Set alarms on your phone to do one of the above, or below, or something else, the very alarm makes me pay more attention to my environment.
  • Thankfulness exercises always help.
  • Turn off whatever podcast/video I’m listing to every hour or so for 10-15min and just listen to the world around you, go outside if you don’t hear anything from where you are, but listening to the sound of your own body also works.
  • Reorganize the stuff in the room you currently are in to make it nicer
  • Meditation (I’m putting this in place 11 because some of the previous ones can be interpreted as meditation)

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