Day 12

Goodday web viewers, I stayed up too late tonight but daily is Daily is DAILY (as I try to hold myself accountable for my word) so here it is.

I apologize for the token entrees so I promise a good list tomorrow (or maybe several lists of average quality to make up for the missing ones). Today wasn’t optimized but it was to extenuating factors that I’m getting better at dealing with. Today’s religious learning had a lot of emphasis on the vows, specifically vows forbidding one’s self from doing otherwise permitted behavior, vows demanding behaviors are a whole other can of worms as you are not allowed to demand a forbidden behavior or a behavior that can lead into or require forbidden acts (such as requiring one’s self to eat every day if access to allowed foods is not guaranteed), and when you can invalidate them.

Goodnight web viewers, I hope that unlike me you can get to bed on your self-prescribed times (or at least sleep enough not to be tired).

NOTE: when I say or I mean it in the logical (and grammatical) sense of and/or and as such I refuse to use and/or.

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