Day 14

Hail persons, today was focused on getting back into the game. I did my exercises practised every piano subject I could, sight-reading, Hanons, etc, fed the dog watered the plants started planning out my week and Un-digitalized my Simplology.

10 Things I am able and willing to add into a weekly section of my blog (I will only do them one at a time so if you have any specific one you want me to do, write it in the comments, another option is that I alternate between a few of them):

  • Weekly book readthrough and review
  • Weekly mini boardgame (for example, last Shabbat I took half an hour to make something with dice and Stratego pieces that Manu and I enjoyed)
  • Comparative list program with more research
  • Learning as much as I can about a subject within a week (examples, game theory, art history, carpentry, etc) and then make a what I learned post at the end of the week (or maybe at the beginning of the next week)
  • Make a short tune using the piano and post it to this blog at the end of the week
  • Weekly podcast listen and review
  • Gather a number of quora answers and do a “what I learned from this”
  • Make a list of 50 instead of a list of 10
  • Gather 1 of my best ideas rethink it then post a more polished, multi-paragraph, version of it
  • Weekly historical site visit and what it brings up for me

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