Power and Responsibility

Salutations sapients, why do we reject power? do we fear the responsibility? that is often the case but there is something else there, something substantial. For the culturally significant spiderman quote “With great power comes great responsibility” is equally applicable, often more so, when reversed “With great responsibility comes great power” those who adopt responsibilities tend to gather power and influence towards their chosen end and sometimes the very act of taking responsibility causes those around us to approach and empower us in that field, they ask for advice they request our intervention or action they defer to us in cases regarding our responsibilities and that in itself is a form of power. If you want something not to get done take responsibility for it and act ineffectively, I would not recommend this for doing it on purpose is an evil act, an act which removes what could be from you, your people and the rest of mankind.

But in addition to this, we have a fear of power, as shown in this quote “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and this fear of power does not serve us well. For when we grow into responsibility fearing that power leads to abandoning it, in our fiction, there are a great many stories of a character achieving incredible power and then discarding it over a fear of what they may become, and yet power does hold this risk, with the application of power creat change, in ourself and in the world around us. The response to this should not be the discarding of power but an appreciation for the weight of our decisions and the understanding to not take ourselves lightly.

Another similar related matter is our fear of describing things as good or evil. For somethings, we know to be good and some evil, for despite the many shades of gray there is still black, there is still white.

These things were shown to me a series of books I read recently and writing this reminded me of how we can still learn from what we consider wasted time so

10 Things you can do to waste time better:

  • Observe what you are doing, why do we do this, what do we enjoy about it, and how can we use said enjoyment in projects that bring us forward or in products that bring others closer to there best goals.
  • Read or watch stuff with inherent value or themes beneath the wish-fulfillment. Waste time better.
  • Seek mastery in whatever preferred method of wasting time is, practicing mastery always has unforeseen benefits.
  • Sleep instead, it is one of the healthiest methods of wasting time and most of us are tired anyway.
  • If you still are doing something thoughtless do it after heavy activity not before so that it helps you unwind and rest not stress about what you aren’t doing.
  • Look for patterns. (pattern recognition is a great skill to have and if you practise it by finding easter eggs in games, movies or other videos you still are practicing pattern recognition)
  • Find a physically beneficial sitting or resting position to be in.
  • Listen to good stuff while wasting time but don’t use the listening as an excuse to waste time.
  • if you are doing something that you believe has value to you, or are hearing a really substantial podcast, stop multitasking. (We are capable of enjoying conversations with people nad do so much more when fully present, we don’t do this because it can be scary hard or we built a habit of playing something else when using a certain communication method)
  • Tell or create stories with whatever it is your doing this can be substantial social skill.

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  1. You just continue to amaze me. I like the way you think, and that you think.
    And thanks for sharing yourself. It’s quite beautiful.

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