Seeking Power (Power and Responsibility 2)

Welcome, one thing that is commonly known is that the people who reach for power are often the ones who least deserve it and those who seek power over others are known to abuse it. Yet sometimes we adopt responsibilities and find ourselves falling short. So when should we seek more power in order to accomplish our goals and how should we do so.

One thing we can do is to try and share power by finding others willing to take responsibilities and to enroll others in our project. This in itself is one of many ways of gathering power towards a certain goal. But first, we need to look into ourselves to see what are we doing that interferes with our ability to accomplish said goals and if enrolling others in an incomplete project will sabotage the final result. Working on ourselves doesn’t always lead effort though so there are 2 things we can do (that I thought of there may be others) to fix this. These things are either start creating ourselves as the person who will accomplish what we want to accomplish, or finding people who will hold us accountable. One of the greatest ways to create more power is to entrust it to others, this very act often leads to people taking responsibility for there newfound power and starting to work for the benefit of the world; the danger here is not to give people too much power over others and only to do this to ones who do not seek it. Those who seek power over others are the ones least deserving of it. Sharing of power for the right reasons is one of the greatest ways we can improve the world but if the power goes to one undeserving, incapable, or if we simply do it out of laziness or want of comfort we risk some of our most precious rights and many a corrupt monarchy rose to power over a vacuum in places of leadership and all governments can turn corrupt. For while fear of power is dangerous it is so because those who seek power for its own sake are the ones least deserving and when we throw away power making ourselves weaker we create an opportunity to those most willing to harm us.

10 things I can do to get my head out of my ass

  • Get interested in the experiences of others
  • Just socialize normally
  • A day of silence
  • Try learning something in the process of which I will develop wrong ideas than overcome than (Some physics which is how the world works but doesn’t make sense to our flimsy human brains is a good place to start {if you are willing to think})
  • Look back on past mistakes and wrong ideas to see if I’m repeating anything
  • Acknowledge that my head is up my ass
  • Meditation. Meditation is often the answer (it is one of the simplest solutions to many of life’s problems but it’s so general that after meditating we often miss the mark)
  • Do something your bad at
  • Practice humility and thankfulness in other ways
  • Ask for advice then try to implement it.
  • Have a long conversation about a subject which effects me while trying to not interject my own ideas

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