The Potato List

Welcome all men women and children, I had planned on going into Jerusalem today but as I missed my bus I’ll go tomorrow instead. I am feeling a little down for over the last few days I’ve haven’t gotten anything I’ve planned done and have even missed out on a few of the exercises and my piano homework. My only excuse is that I had planned on doing things the day and midway through the setup they had been canceled but that doesn’t. excuse me wasting the rest of the day and pushing things off.

To improve I will first get a minimum of daily activities into my Simplology and use that to restablish my daily patterns. I can’t do that tomorrow since I’ll be in Jerusalem for most of the day but that is what I expect from myself starting Wednesday.

10 Ways to communicate, that “A is a potato” (that A is B) often in a roundabout matter or in the midst of logical fallacies(this can be especially pernicious when A isn’t actually a potato) .

  • The object A that I am referring to is a potato.
  • This object will call it A isn’t just a potato it’s…
  • as we all know this rotten potato, A, is an example of how all of the potatoes they suggested are bad for…
  • Recent studies show that A is, in fact, a potato. From these studies, we can learn that…
    (insert bullshit theory here, as long as the said theory is even somewhat related to A or potatoes {even if not, remember to mention them as if it is} people will assume that said theory is proven by said study)
  • Why should I have to tell you that A is a potato we all know it is.
  • Don’t believe anything he says he claims that A isn’t a potato (this one can be used if the people you’re talking already believe that the person you’re talking about is untrustworthy even if they don’t think of A as a potato, they may after saying this).
  • A belongs to the class of all objects potatoes.
  • Since B is, like A, a potato… (this can be used to create a false equivalence, examples include cases where the one potato is rotten, they are different sizes…)
  • Just because you haven’t liked any previous potatoes doesn’t mean you won’t like A.
    (This one is weird for me. As exclusionary statements such as this one are used either to discount past experience or to teach/expose to unfamiliar ground within a subject previously thought to be understood)
  • All things considered, A being a Potato is the least of our problems.

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