12 Ways to Leave Notes (mostly for yourself)

Good day Fellows, it has been recently pointed out to me that many of my daily posts are simple placeholders. Since I promised daily posts yet do not have much to update upon I am changing the format slightly. From now on my daily posts will consist mostly of a list and occasionally of an update or a post about a project I’m working on, for example my composition (still coming soon).

12 Ways to Leave Notes:

  • Leave note using Banana-gram or Scrabble pieces.
  • Use a small whiteboard.
  • Coathanger over the windowsill, to attach it to the coat hanger paper clips or clothing pins
  • While I’m at coat hangers you can also attach string between 2 windowsills and hang the note from the string.
  • Since I’m ignoring practicality you can use socks to make letters.
  • Or write stuff in your food (using other food of course).
  • Sticky notes on clothing boxes.
  • A simple magnet sticking a piece of paper to a refrigerator
  • Never forget the etch and sketch
  • Set your phone’s screensaver on your phone differently every time you want to leave yourself a note.
  • WhatsApp group with only you in it.
  • If you use your phone as an alarm you can record yourself screaming your plans for that morning and set it as your alarm (Wake up future {insert your own name here} this is past {} you need to…) this one is good for trolling.

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