10 Minor(ish) Actions That can Have a Significant Impact

Greetings who ever you are, I apologize for not posting yesterday. I forgot and I’ll try not to do so again but it will probably happen anyways.

10 minor actions that can have a significant impact

  • Getting to a place just 5 minutes early (or at least 5 minutes earlier than everybody else). People don’t have to wait for you and they feel like you respect their time.
  • Making your bed just when you get up if you don’t, anything you can do in order to accomplish something as soon as possible after getting up
  • On the same note don’t open your phone, or at not for entertainment or social media, for the first 30 (a full hour works better) minutes after you get up. Instead, feed yourself, pray (if you are religious), and do some small chores if you have any.
  • Choose what to wear the next day before going to bed, saves time in the morning and make getting out easier.
  • Fasting on occasion (only water for a 24 hour period at least once a month) can have great health benefits (or at least it makes you feel healthier).
  • Sleeping on your side can prevent congestion.
  • Stop looking at screens an hour before going to bed both can help you get everything done earlier and lets you sleep better (or at least fall asleep more quickly).
  • I find that the very act of making these lists help me though requiring at least 10 inputs has me grasping at straws sometimes.
  • Putting a bottle of water by the bed and drinking water before coffee (or anything else) in the morning, as coffee isn’t good for hydration.
  • Writing something down before heading to bed (doesn’t relly matter what you write) helps settle the mind.

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