Day 25

Hello universe, S. died and it saddens me. that’s all I’m saying so here is a list of the 10 topics I may post about.

  • Various Anthropomorphic Personifications of Death and Something We Can Learn About Certain Cultures From Each.
  • Arguments for and against death.
  • 10* places when acting tactfully causes more harm than good.
  • 10* places where acting tactfully is necessary.
  • 10* explanations for my sudden shifts in tone.
  • 10* examples of self-reference in humor.
  • 10* pagan histories of Christian holidays and the theories on why said holidays were celebrated.
  • 10* forgotten wonders of the world.
  • 10* methods to remember the (physical) path your on.
  • 10* tricks to help stay on subject.

*or more

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