Day 27

Hello if you reads this, quick update, today I focused on stock and money and while I did a bit of research for my Anthropomorphic Personifications series I do not have the time or focus to publish part 2 today.

Still I owe you something so here 10 methods to remember the (physical) path your on.

  • Tell yourself a story of how you are traveling, on my way to (insert location here) I drove up x lane a longish path with short trees on the left hand side… this takes less time than you think.
  • Use landmarks and pay attention to other details you can use as landmarks (an uncommon type of tree house with yellow rose bush etc).
  • Keep a travel notebook.
  • If you are going to visit someone call them before you leave (or on your way if you get lost).
  • Share your path with someone or travel together.
  • If you need to be somewhere put alarms on your phone to keep yourself moving in the right direction.
  • Remind yourself why.
  • Ask people for directions.
  • Bring something along (preferably something small enough to fit in your pocket. Small objects which you can pun with your location can help) which will remind you of your destination.
  • Puns while today considered bad humor can be great memory aids you can make a punny haiku or some other verse to remind yourself of your way (write it down, repeat in in your head, sing it to yourself badly, etc).

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