Tricks to Help Stay on Subject

Happy self-awareness day, let self awareness day be your every day.
I’m making today’s list today because I need it and I wonder, is the exercise to come up with 10 ideas a day or simply to dwell on 10 new learning do I have to come up with 10 things or do I simply need to discover 10 solutions is this an exercise to increase openness to new Ideas or is creativity an entirely separate measure.

10 Tricks to help stay on subject:

  • Create a context for your subject, move things around (simply pointing pencils towards a picture on the wall can help) to direct your attention to a point in the room that will remind you what your doing or have a song (or type of music) which relates to the subject playing.
    Having dedicated studying music falls into this category.
  • Re-watch or review related to said subject that gets stuck in your head.
  • Review related mnemonics, any memorization tool helps when you find yourself getting distracted.
  • When taking breaks don’t do anything that causes you to think about it instead look out the window, go for a walk or do wholly mechanical/route chores so that you don’t get too involved in something else.
  • If your working on a multi day project do it first thing after your morning routine so that your focused on it and come back to it at least 2 more during the day.
  • Work with someone else or communicate with the people around you so that you won’t get distracted.
  • For multi-day projects share what your working on with people in your life and have someone who you can ask to review it.
  • Check how much time it takes you to lose focus, it will change over time, by seeing how long you can study something new and set up sessions of that length with breaks of 15 to 45 minutes.
  • Keep a organized working study environment.
  • Make a list of 10 relating to said subject.
    • While meta commentary, why am I doing this, what am I actually doing and what is this actually, is good to remind keep yourself motivated don’t get too caught up in it as it can also have the opposite effect.

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