Day 30

Salutations all, I’ve been working on like 5 things today so I don’t have much to post here are a few incomplete posts I’m going back to do my piano homework and get a few other things done.

  • How to make a competitive board/card game with more winners than losers that is still fun and interesting:
    • Have there be multiple win conditions , at least1 less than the number of players, that can only be achieved once each.
    • Each player has a hidden win condition which they have to achieve in a fixed number of rounds. Players can have win conditions with a time limit shorter than the game itself and in the last few rounds they can either help or hurt the other players.
    • Have a pot in the middle and something limiting the length of the game so that any players left at the end get to split the pot. (better for gambling)
    • Have a pot in the middle when a player accomplishes an in game goal he gets to take something from the pot.
  • Plastic and paper.
    • The plastic vs paper straw debate. While paper is better for the environment than plastic all of the comparisons I looked at (they all placed paper first) pointed out that paper straws aren’t that much better and that the big problem is actually single use waste products. Straws being only a small fraction of the waste we produce, just look around at what everything is wrapped in next time you go into a grocery store. If the straw thing really matters to you don’t use them.
    • Paper vs. Plastic Bags

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