5 Things You Can do to Get Into the Habit of Thinking

  • Learn a bit of game theory and try to apply it wherever possible.
    • it doesn’t have to be game theory but anything that has multiple applications in daily life (doesn’t have to actually be useful) if just to get into the habit of looking at the world and considering it from more perspectives.
  • Practice listening and consider what they say.
    • especially useful if you don’t agree. Try and see a world in which what they say makes perfect sense, worst case it is ridiculous and funny, but it is a good way to practice thinking.
  • Take a minute to silence the voice in your head and try to observe what is actually so.
    • A vague entry to this list one which I can make a whole list out of but trying to do something like this on your own can be a great way to think especially since many of us never leave the confines of our own heads and as such are limited in the cope of our thinking.
  • Practice by trying to come up with 10 ideas every day.
    • they don’t have to be long or complicated. For example, if you watched something about wrestlers come up with 10 wrestler names.
  • Try and recognize when you take things for granted and think about why and how you can maybe make things better.
    • Another potential list topic.

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