10 Ways to Reuse Plastic

  • Plastic drink bottles can be used as water bottles or icy water bottles
  • Plastic wrapping and bubble-wrap can be used for wrapping trading cards in order to protect the edges.
  • Plastic wrapping and bubble-wrap can also be used as stuffing for transporting fragile objects.
    • plastic wrapping is usually number 2 or for 4 plastic which is recyclable.
  • You can cut open plastic bottles and use them as planters.
  • Plastic bags can be used for small garbage cans in the bathrooms.
  • I’m not blowing anyone’s mind with uses for plastic bags but if you still have an overabundance of them you can weave them into a jumping rope or a basket.
    • A good thing to do with plastic wrapping is too not tare it apart when removing it.
  • If you have a big strip of plastic wrapping you can wrap things in it to keep them dry. (when doing this make sure it is complete and closed)
  • The bags that pat food comes in also double as heavy-duty garbage bags.
  • Spray bottles, such as those used for window-cleaner, can be washed out and used as water spray bottles to clean with. (or in my case to spray at the cat when he climbs onto the table)
  • clean out ketchup bottles, any condiment works to use for salad dresing.

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