Mindfulness and Meditation My 2 Cents

Hello fine person, before I start I would like to apologize for not posting on Thursday I have no good excuse for it.

Mindfulness is, in essence, full conscious awareness. It is the act of paying conscious attention t whatever thought felling and emotions are currently flowing through your mind and body, without judging or criticizing them. Meditation is the act entering into a state of mindfulness and dwelling there for a indeterminate period of time as such so called 5 second mediation exercises are a development of meditation in that by meditating you are practicing entering into a state of mindfulness.

Meditation, and by extension mindfulness, is helpful in that it relives stress and helps to stop living in a state of constant reaction to life. As such it is a necessary tool in starting to be proactive and doing what is important and not just what is urgent.

10 meditation tips from me:

  • If you can set your environment before you meditate so no glaring lights or booming noises.
  • I would also recommend 10 minute meditation sessions (I think Headspace is a really good guided meditation app for when you start).
  • If you have a bust day or an extra 10 minutes during a lunch break it is more important to meditate when you can (at least 1 a day) than having the perfect environment.
    • This is a general rule do what you can you set up the world around you to make what you are doing most efficient but if it would take more time to set-up then to do or you are gunning low on time it is better to do an imperfect job than no job at all (just don’t half-ass permanent projects)
  • Consistency too is more important then comfort.
  • Try to enter a state of mindfulness or partial meditation whenever feeling overwhelmed or stressed so that you can look at it more objectively.
  • Don’t hesitate to try shorter or incomplete meditation sessions as long as you still do the main 10 minute one.
  • While it is good to meditate before bed I find it most helpful in the middle of the day as when I meditated I felt less of a need to unwind and I got more done.
  • Before meditating make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom and that you aren’t especial hungry or Thirsty while this shouldn’t stop you from meditating it is much easier.
  • Also drink water if your thirsty consuming large amount of caffeine or sugar can make it harder to meditate.
  • If you are feeling to lazy to meditate for just 10 MINUTES the look up the benefits of meditating on the internet. While many benefits are just the placebo effect not knowing which are and which aren’t will both motivate you to meditate and who’s to say that we can’t use the placebo effect to our own benefit.

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