10 Things you Can do to Write Better

Full title: 10 Things you can do to be more focused and efficient when writing or journalling.

  • Make sure you have good lighting. (not so bright or dark that it would make reading uncomfortable)
  • Sit up straight and make sure anything you may want to look into is in reach.
  • Write something every day and have a semi-consistent time.
  • drink enough water before sitting down you don’t want to be distracted by hunger or thirst.
  • You should occasionally get up and move a bit.
  • Don’t do anything that will stay on your mind while you wait.
  • Recognize things you write about often or mention a lot and try to go into more detail on them or change the structure with which you approach them.
  • Don’t rewrite until you are done with a certain Idea (fixing spelling mistakes is okay but only do it if you would forget later)
  • At the end of writing or before taking a break look over what you wrote to see if you are communicating what meant when you wrote it.
  • Find a pen/pencil that is comfortable to use and if you are writing on a PC make choose a word processor and don’t just use whatever is the default.

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