9 Thoughts to Look Out For

Full title: 9 Words or phrases to watch out for when thinking to yourself or in your inner voice.

  • I can’t…
    • specifically, I can’t learn that, or I need more time, we can do far more than we normally think we can and we are much more likely to do something improbable if we are convinced, or at least keep telling ourselves, that we both can learn it and that we have little time.
  • Something is wrong with me.
    • This thought on its own never leads to a good place so after thinking this try to convince yourself otherwise or ask yourself the following questions:
    • What is wrong and can you fix it? How can you integrate it to be an advantage? Is this an important part of what I am? and do I actually want to change this?
  • I don’t know…
    • Follow this up with either, Yet (I don’t know yet), or and I’m not interested in learning this. This either makes your ignorance temporary or dismisses it as unimportant. This thought is in no way negative and admitting you don’t know something is the first step in self-improvement.
  • It doesn’t matter…
    • Does it, does it Really?
  • I am unimportant…
    • So what can you do to make a difference? Many people get through periods of depression by putting time and effort into something the worst thing to do when depressed is nothing.
  • Later…
    • Just watch out for the word.
    • When? Where? Why? If you want something to happen, make it happen, or at least decide when. Otherwise later is all there is.
  • So what they just said is ()
    • Don’t be too quick to pass judgment on people and in cases of things being unclear ask for clarification the worst thing you can do here is assume.
  • Never.
    • Watch out for the word.
    • Don’t use hyperbole when you think or write to yourself you will find yourself believing it.
  • I hate ()…
    • Many of the things we enjoy, including our taste and taste in music, comes from previous experience and judging certain experiences negatively can prevent us from coming to enjoy it.

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