25 Bad Book Ideas

I am trying out a list of 25 as such the list isn’t about having good entries or even ones that make sense. The reason for the list is that I don’t have what to write (Not that there aren’t lists I can make I just have projects I’m not yet done researching) today so I hope that if I write 25 ideas there will be something of interest or at least something you find funny.

  • The last Garden – a Post-apocalyptic Hope Story
  • My Mother’s Oven – A Thriller
  • Mirrors – Political Satire (In the style of Terry Pratchett)
  • Our Reflections – Fantasy Love Story
  • Bad Jokes – A Commentary on Most Modern Satire
  • Lost In Public – A Novel About False Celebrity
  • Escapism – An Escherian Staircase of a Book
  • The Soft Sitting Place is Mine – Life from a Cat’s perspective
  • Where Are You Have Gone – Life from a Dog’s perspective
  • Many Thanks (Polite but Deadly: Book 1) – A Crime Novel
  • Victimless Crime (Polite but Deadly: Book 2) – A Political Crime Novel
  • Consequences (Polite but Deadly: Book 3) – A Tragic Political Crime Novel
  • I Meant Well (Polite but Deadly: Book 4) – A Prison Novel
  • Law Abiding Criminal (Polite but Deadly: Book 5) – A Redemptory Detective Novel
  • What is Done (Polite but Deadly: Epilogue)
  • Dragons: In Our Minds – A Book About What We Fear
  • Dragons: In Our Hearts – A Book About What We Justify
  • Dragons: In Our Hands – A Book About Horrible Acts Committed By Ordinary People
  • One Of Us – A Satire (The Funny Kind) Based on Communist Propaganda
  • Headologism – How To Start A Cult
  • Nothing Is Wrong – A Book About How Complacent We Are And How It Harms Us
  • Where Is Young Master Wrong – A Story About A Kid Who Asked TOO MANY GOD-DAMNED QUESTIONS
  • All Hail Me – A Book On How Starting A Cult Was A Mistake.
  • A Great Leader’s Regrets – Notes From A Prison Cell
  • What Is Next? – A Book About Finishing A Long Term Project

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