25 Things I Could Make If I Had Infinite Legos (and The Internet)

I could actually make these given enough leho and time but I would need the right types of Lego.

  • Giant sculptures of people you know
  • Roman Arches and Columns
  • Recreate Pantings
  • Model Cars
  • Recreate Board Games
  • Big Lego Playing Cards
  • Rube Golberg Machines
  • A Lego Clock
  • Recreate Historical Battles and Sieges
  • Braille Signs
  • Lego Dice
  • A Folder Drawer
  • An Alarm Clock
  • A Candy Dispenser
  • 3d Comic Strips
  • A Broom
  • Lego Windchimes
  • Lego Seismometer
  • Model Spaceships
  • Puzzle Boxes
  • Miniature Catapults
  • A Grabbing Arm
  • Giant Notes
  • Contemporary Art
  • Model Plants

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