A Cat’s Perspective (Step 1: list)

Welcome to the rest of your life, after my Bad Book Idea list I decided to write either a short story or episodic chapters of The Soft Sitting Place Is Mine, for now, it will simply be called A Cat’s Perspective.

Today’s list is 10 sentences I can use In the story in order to get a sense of how I’ll write it I hope it. In addition, I would like some feedback on the italicized words as I am not sure if they represent concepts that are too abstract for Cats. As my goal in writing the story is too show the world through the perspective of a creature both clever and lacking in abstraction. For words like wall I will first describe as the less abstract concept and then move on to using said words as a specification, wall would only be used in cases where the cat can’t get past. Writing through this is having me question if you can have abstraction without words? And what constitutes delayed gratification in animals?

  • The Tall-one pulled on a small protrusion and the way opened up I wondered if I too could move that wall? –
  • – This would need some special consideration what made that wall different from the others? How could I get past it?
  • ….Tall-ones respond when I mewl (cry like a kitten would) but sometimes instead of feeding me they throw me out (behind the walls) maybe if I act towards them as a kitten would they then feed me more often…
  • The Tall-ones respond differently to different kitten behaviors (ways of acting) they don’t like play-biting I will use it when they bother me…
  • The Tall-ones make many sounds but when they communicate to me they start with Cat, Caarrl, Kitteh, and sometimes Yuuu.
  • They communicate through mouth-sounds with only occasional movement-communications.
  • As they don’t like (I will probably ) like me eating from the tall place I will wait till they aren’t observing it.
  • I underestimated their ability to notice me I must wait till they aren’t present and will be more stealthy.
  • I knocked over their movable-puddle! out the wall hole, I’ll try again later.
  • They seem to not punish (do as a mother cat to a misbehaving kitten) me if they don’t see me for a few hours (small light change) but one of them reacts differently towards… me anyways he must suspect.


  1. For starters, this is an awesome idea! I am sure you’ll be able to pull up a nice twist on this (slightly rarer than one would speculate) genre.
    As for the abstraction level of a cat, I think “walls” would be more feasible as “cliffs”. Presence is a little inappropriate, maybe “watching”.
    Communicating might be replaced with simply calling.
    Just for your knowledge, a common observation (which I would hesitate to call research, since it came from Tumblr) is that cats regard humans as big, wonky kittens in need of teaching. That might change your feline protagonist’s perspective about his owners.

    1. Thanks.

      About the Tumblr observation some cat’s probably do it’s a resault of the owners acting like kittens.

      I actually read somewhere that some cats “may become jealous and spray to cover up the scent of the baby,” so I have trouble believing that.

      Also I think sonce I’m already translating it into human that
      wall: insurmountable thing in way,
      Is better than
      clif: place to fall off of/climb up
      At least in the context I’m using. Of course I could just do insurmountable cliff.

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