10 Words as Bundles of Experiences

Let’s see what I write when tired and less inhibited.

  • Home – sleep-place, safety, familiar, mine,
  • Experience – knowledge, past, memory, self,
  • Friend – closeness, human, past, familiar, family, tribe, different,
  • Future – past, present, memory, potential, sacrifice, fear, hope,
  • Person – unique, same, tribe, hope, potential, present, future, past,
  • People – unknown, suspicion, sameness, past, present, future,
  • Fear – danger, past-future, people, big-teeth,
  • Money – mine, other’s, power, dominance, hope, potential, present, future,
  • Time – memory, experience, knoledge, present, past, sleep, distant, watching, future,
  • Belonging – danger, mine, other’s, people, person, risk, reward, past, present, future,

I wonder why I ordered the time verbs this way

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