A Cat’s Perspective (Step 2: List of Potential Scenes)

11 Scenes I may use in A Cat’s Perspective.

  • Cat tries to get onto the table
  • Cat experiments with Doors
  • Cat learns to hide excrement
  • This can be seen as a question of dominance from a cat’s perspective because when they don’t bury their poop it is a way of marking their territory as the dominant cat and this is possibly why my cat poos outside the front of the house but doesn’t poop inside
  • Interactions with young humans
    • cats are known to differentiate between humans of different ages and will tolerate things from children that they don’t tolerate from adults
  • Cat brings human prey
    • Showing that it can hunt
  • Cat sneaks where he isn’t wanted
  • Cat starts learning human differentiations
    • aka you can snuggle but Don’t sleep on my face
  • Cat feels punished by being given different food
  • Cat tries to train/teach Tall-ones
  • Exploring the inside of cabinets

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