A Cat’s Perspective (part 3: 1 Paragraph and some of what went into it)

Hello {insert name here} before I start a few notes

The Tall-ones’ Territories1

The Smaller-Tall-one was returning on its path again I2 mewled3 and we shared scents4. I followed it as we walked its path. After rubbing me a little more it pressed down on the wall extrusion and moved through the wall5 opening. we shared scents today at it welcomed me to its territory so I jumped and caught onto the wall extrusion and the wall opened and I followed it through.

  1. Hunting ground, sleep-place, and dominance-claim, animal perception is not constructed as single words but more as a bundle of experiences. Regardless Territory is a pretty good word to use but cats make a distinction between their hunting ground and their sleeping area so that’s why I used the pluralized form of the word. A cat’s territory actually consists of a network of paths that are patrolled regularly on a fairly fixed schedule with it’s sleeping place beeing a type of home base.
  2. I’m still wondering whether I should use I as it seems to me that a cat wouldn’t need to specify that it itself is doing a thing. Cat thoughts being, walked over, got petted etc, so it is only in the text for clarity reasons. also other grammatical tools
  3. I know it’s a Kitten noise but it’s what the Tall-ones understand.
  4. Rubbed against, got petted on the cheeks.
  5. Barrier, thing in way.

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