15 Sci-Fi Book Ideas

Hello to the few who actually read this, I’ll post part 4 of my cat project either tomorrow or the day after that. For now, here is a list.

  • It Goes Both Ways – a guide to time travel where the present can change the past
  • Tales From Atlantis – a group of time travelers getting lost in the past
  • Lost in translation (book 1) – a comedy about aliens coming to earth and faulty translation software
  • Your M@%$r F^$#%d a Hand Grenade (Lost in translation book 2) – a sequel
  • Discovering Space (book 1) – a diplomatic space novel
  • The Intergalactic Bureaucracy (Discovering Space book 2) – a political satire
  • Intergalactic Guide To Tax Evasion (Discovering Space book 3) – The Next Books can go either way
  • Cool Dudes – Aliens Among Us
  • History Repeats – history from the view of alien time tourists
  • Exploring the Unknown Universe – meeting intelligent aliens so different from us that we are incapable of communicating
  • Myths of Lumc’a – aliens convince humanity to join a cult
  • The Space Between Worlds – humanity colonized a large section of the known universe but the amount of time it takes to travel between planets, as a result of technological deterioration and monopolies, causes humanity to view itself as multiple alien species
  • What’s Next – a novel exploring what happens when humanity hits a limit of technological evolution
  • The Outer-Net – Trying to communicate actual impending doom
  • We Are Those People – people create human-like AI which starts to believe that they themselves are actually Reincarnations of the minds they were based upon.
  • Need to Know – a novel about people giving up their privacy for knowledge and opportunities they never use
    • This is where I shued in my opinions to see how people react

Even if you aren’t at all a fan of Sci-fi some of these book ideas can be of value to you as it gives you a chance to explore certain ideas.

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