10 More Examples of Logical Fallacies

  • Continuum Fallacy – I’ve never been in a traffic accident, therefore, I am too good at driving that to get into a traffic accident.
  • Bad Reason Fallacy – beta-testers from all walks of life liked our product as such it will be universally popular.
  • No True Scotsman – All scientists believe in global warming since Dr.{insert name here} doesn’t believe in global warming he isn’t a real scientist.
  • Appeal to Authority – Dr.{insert name here} is a scientist, therefore, you can trust what he says about global warming.
    • Scientists aren’t all environmental specialists.
  • Appeal to Ridicule/Ab Absurdo – Why should I care about what you believe you don’t even believe in global warming.
  • Burden of Proof
    • Look, we all know where this is going but before you log off, hear me out. According to a conversation I had with an environmental scientist, and take this with a grain of salt, environmental scientists use Global warming to raise money for far more important yet far less sexy issues. For Example waste management, overconsumption, and other issues I personally know nothing about.
  • Genetic Fallacy – All because I’m just some random, handsome, super-intelligent, guy on the internet doesn’t mean all my arguments are invalid.
    • Judge the argument, not the source.
  • Gamblers Fallacy – I won the lottery once who says I can’t do it again.
  • Shotgun Argumentation – I couldn’t arrive because my dog was sick, and my cat pooped on the dresser, and I lost my phone, and I fell asleep, and I couldn’t bother, and you are a jerk, and…
  • Kettle Logic – it wasn’t lying if everyone else believed it. Besides, you came to the correct conclusion it couldn’t be a lie.

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