A Cat’s Perspective (part 4: More Writing)

Greetings {insert title here} {insert name here}, I apologize for the shortness of today’s post I may add more tet when I edit it later but for now, this is what there is.

In-side Out Out-side, weird sounds the Tall-ones make. They1 often make the noise out-side before throwing me out of their rain/sun-cover-territory and In-side means they are letting me back into their rain/sun-cover-territory2 unless followed by other noises which mean that they are communicating to me not to come into their rain/sun-cover-territory. I learn from this3 that the tall-ones use the in/out-side sounds to refer to their rain/sun-cover-territory. on occasion when I get onto high-places within the tall-ones rain/sun-cover-territory they make their anger4 sounds, which louder and rougher but similar to other non-violent sounds so a loud rough in/out-side is an attempt to chase-out5 me of their rain/sun-cover-territory. They chase-out me when they see-hear-smell me climbing onto the high places as they are very protective of their eating-places. By mewling at them when they are eating I can sometimes get them to share food with me. Sometimes if I mewl after getting food from them or mewl too much instead of sharing food they will take it as a threat to their food and chase-out me.

  1. Seeing how cats handle their social groups I assume they are familiar with the idea of plural and can universalize to a certain degree.
  2. Most animals, cats included, don’t have an abstract concept of cover instead they have rain-cover, sun-cover, and danger-cover. Cats wouldn’t always see our houses as danger-cover as it would depend on whether they see any of us as a threat or if we have other animals in the house.
  3. A grammatical tool used to increase understanding the cat wouldn’t comment or even think that it learned it would just talk about it later. In editing, I may remove sentences like this one and simply show the interpretation in the cat’s later thoughts.
  4. Anger while mostly consistent between species has far fewer undertones in non-human species and is seen in other species as a temporary state of threatening violence.
  5. This includes actions, like picking up and throwing out chasing-out in a cat’s context, is simply the act of getting something out of or away from a certain area

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