Famous Quotes for My 25 Bad Book Ideas

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  • Book Name
    • Quote
  • The last Garden – a Post-apocalyptic Hope Story
    • “Even in the greyest landscape love can blossom”
  • My Mother’s Oven – A Thriller
    • “Even your mother had to learn to cook”
  • Mirrors – Political Satire (In the style of Terry Pratchett)
    • “Politicians are afraid to stand between mirrors.”
      “they might find themselves.”
  • Our Reflections – Fantasy Love Story
    • “All we see of ourselves is what is reflected in the eyes of others”
  • Bad Jokes – A Commentary on Most Modern Satire
    • “Most jokes aren’t universally funny. We only like them because they affirm something within us.”
  • Lost In Public – A Novel About False Celebrity
    • “It’s not easy staying sane in show business. You make yourself what people want to see. Most people lose themselves there”
      “So? If that’s the case, how are you still sane?”
      “I have become a parody of myself”
  • Escapism – An Escherian Staircase of a Book
    • End of chapter 1″Every night I sat down to write. What if there was a world without constant conflict, without constant political assassinations, and the chaos which the magic brings?”
    • “Chapter 2: A Day in the life of an Author…”
  • The Soft Sitting Place is Mine – Life from a Cat’s perspective
    • “The Tall-ones Sometimes Pick me up and make soft noises at me. What do they think I am a kitten?”
  • Where Are You Have Gone – Life from a Dog’s perspective
    • “Sometimes when I’m alone I go to sleep”
  • Many Thanks (Polite but Deadly: Book 1) – A Crime Novel
    • “No one ever turns him in. He’s Nice, generous, well behaved, and surprisingly honest, He’s their friend. Who cares that he broke a few, okay a lot of laws, there are so many of them I’ve probably broken a few anyway”
  • Victimless Crime (Polite but Deadly: Book 2) – A Political Crime Novel
    • “A Bribe Who cares about a bribe here or there NO I’m talking about a Real scandal”
  • Consequences (Polite but Deadly: Book 3) – A Tragic Political Crime Novel
    • “Politics is always a safe distance from its consquences”
  • I Meant Well (Polite but Deadly: Book 4) – A Prison Novel
    • ” I’d like to believe I’ve done more good than harm. So many others do. But I am aware of the consequences of my actions and I’m not caught up in what I’ve convinced other of”
  • Law Abiding Criminal (Polite but Deadly: Book 5) – A Redemptory Detective Novel
    • “I can’t convince you of my good motives I’ve said it all before. but you were the one who could always see through me, my greatest rival in fact, what do you see now?”
  • What is Done (Polite but Deadly: Epilogue)
    • “The actions of one man can change the course of history I hope I wasn’t one of those men.”
  • Dragons: In Our Minds – A Book About What We Fear
    • “People only truly understand themselves when they know what they fear. And we can only truly change our behavior when we know what’s causing it.”
      “As we will never succeed is we fear success”
  • Dragons: In Our Hearts – A Book About What We Justify
    • “Procrastination, that’s relatable why do we procrastinate?
      We procrastinate as a rebellion against tyranny and the expectations of tyrants and the greatest tyranny is the tyranny of need. I Need to do this, I Have to do that and the most tragic thing? we don’t have to do anything these are means to an end and the end is often not the end we want. That is the real tyranny”
  • Dragons: In Our Hands – A Book About Horrible Acts Committed By Ordinary People
    • ” Some times we falsely believe ourself in control, in control of our thought, in control of our emotions, and if we are in control of our thought and emotions then we must have chosen to think them if we Chose to think them then we will choose to think them again. That is when we embody our fears when we become what we behold”
  • One Of Us – A Satire (The Funny Kind) Based on Communist Propaganda
    • “Ah yes, of course, we pay our taxes everyone pays our taxes.”
  • Headologism – How To Start A Cult
    • “If you truly want to sustain a cult you must both deify yourself to those within and show yourself as an enlightened and rational individual to the world without”
  • Nothing Is Wrong – A Book About How Complacent We Are And How It Harms Us
    • “Why are you actually bored and depressed, Is it because you have nothing to do? Or did you choose to do nothing ?”
  • Where Is Young Master Wrong – A Story About A Kid Who Asked TOO MANY GOD-DAMNED QUESTIONS
    • “Sometimes mistakes do happen”
  • All Hail Me – A Book On How Starting A Cult Was A Mistake.
    • “All the power I could want but it was a false power it didn’t belong to me it belonged to some mythical great leader, and in the end, it took more from me than I ever got from it”
  • A Great Leader’s Regrets – Notes From A Prison Cell
    • “All I wanted was some appreciation some respect and if they wouldn’t respect me for what I was the would worship me for something I was not”
  • What Is Next? – A Book About Finishing A Long Term Project
    • “You haven’t really finished your project you just sent it out for review”

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