10 Way’s To Practise Being Creative

  • Visit places that you haven’t seen before.
  • Practice word associations.
    • Try to get it as quickly as possible you can even use it to make jokes if you get good enough.
  • If you have an interesting thought write it down and check what you wrote later in the day. Try to develop your ideas a bit. Being creative is more than just having ideas it’s being able to apply them.
  • Learn new things. Particularly things you can apply in daily life, such as the right way to tie shoelaces.
  • Ask questions about things you take for granted or think you know. Things like tieing shoelaces.
  • Choose a simple action, for example, holding a cup up a cup, and for the rest of the week approach items, you interact with in relation to that action for the rest of the week.
    • You can think of using multiple objects simultaneously.
  • If you play music try making up a short piece based on a random(ish) sequence of notes.
    • A good way to choose a sequence of notes is to choose a word you can spell with note letters, for example, DEFACE, BED, CABBAGE.
  • Be an active consumer of media instead of a passive one.
    • In other words, try to think about what you’re doing. Look for plot holes read something considered a classic.
  • Draw write actually do something creative you can’t get better without doing.
    • Well, you can to a degree but you can be a creative thinker without actually doing anything creative. A well-known tragedy is that if the untapped genius.
  • Interact with and spend time around creative people.

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