11 Hypotheses of Changes Brought About by Reading Fiction

Cause we don’t realize all the ways the things we do affects us.

  • Reading fiction can cause an increase in empathy.
    • Most fiction is written from the perspective of characters whose views, at least in part, differ from our own (and if they don’t then it’s probably propaganda) and getting into the shoes of someone different then us can increase our ability to understand and empathize with them. In addition, well-written fiction often presents us with ideas we aren’t familiar with and shows ideas we may find disagreeable working doing this can…
  • Increase our openness to ideas. or…
  • Make us more accepting of others more different than us.
  • Change our view on political or other issues.
    • On the other hand, fiction can often fall into rote patterns with disagreeable either villains or heros whose views we find repulsive and when it is hard to identify with a certain side of a fictional conflict (also often propaganda but sometimes simple authorial laziness or incompetence) it sometimes
  • Reinforces our views be them correct or incorrect. Causing us to become more resistant to change. or…
  • It helps us demonize those we disagree with.
    • Fiction can also either
  • Increase our thirst for exploration. or…
  • Decrease our thirst for exploration.
    • depending on whether it describes on exploration of the world or exhaustion with the world and a different more interesting world to explore. Some books with a focus on escapism can cause either effect depending on the existing worlds of the reader this is another way it can reinforce our existing views.
      Well written fiction can
  • Increase our appreciation for our family and other relationships we have.
  • Fiction can also make us more aware of the dangers surrounding us. And at the same time…
  • Make us less afraid of the things we know can happen by allowing us to simulate fictional scenarios of said events without the world seeming to end.

Bonus entry:
Reading can cause any of the above changes because of the placebo effect. so try to use this well.

there are 11 entries to the list because the first entry wasn’t my idea. I know that some of what I write has probably been written elsewhere but the purpose of this project is to try and be creative so as long as I’m not aware that what I’m writing has been said elsewhere I am justified in my writing it as my own idea. (If you have seen anything I’ve written elsewhere please share it in the comment I would like to see how different people got to the idea)

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