25 Song Ideas

  • Long Live The Great Leader – Starts slow, rises in and speed and volume to a fever pitch.
  • Many Lies – Romantic pop
  • The Truth – Hyper-complex with lyrics that are easily misunderstood
  • Romantic Pop – Self-aware pop song about singing pop songs
  • Water Over the Bridge – Sad song about natural disasters
  • A is for Asshole – Pop music song written after a nasty breakup/manipulative relationship
  • And Cows Like You – Song about banter with childhood friends
  • Lyrics – An instrumental piece trying to catch the feeling of a song without actual words
  • Growing Young – A song about finding oneself in one’s children
  • I Need To Do This – A song about procrastination
  • Lost In This party – A song about overcoming social anxiety
  • All He Wanted Was To Go Home – A long folkish song about living in the past
  • Catching The Fluttery Things – A song from a cat’s perspective
  • Happy Walk – A song from a dog’s perspective
  • The Four-Legged Predators – A song from a birds perspective
  • What Happened To Young Master Wrong – A song from Cults: The Musical
  • The Cabinet – A pop song more likely to be known as Hide And Seek
  • When The Sky Turns Grey – “I go out and play” a song about a person who doesn’t like to go out unless it is raining
  • Most Particular – capturing the feeling of a James Bond novel in song form
  • Never to be found – A song about losing toys
  • The Evolution of Minimalism – A Complex piece of music that introduces many themes and ends by slowly concluding them one at a time until only a simple yet beautiful tune is clearly heard
  • Our Service – A loud then haunting song about war and being forgotten
  • Glory and Honor – A song telling of companionship and meaning found in horrible situations
  • Great times – A song about blacking out
  • This Is My Choice – A song about overcoming procrastination

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