10 Examples of Self-fulfilling Tiredness

Hello to the tired people, This is a list of behaviors I observed in tired people which keep them tired but take this with a grain of salt.

  • Not properly getting ready for bed.
    • Leaving lights on which bother you when sleeping, sleeping in an uncomfortably hot room, etc…
  • Falling asleep wherever –
    • – can get you woken up by various environmental factors and include all the downsides from the previous entry.
  • Going to sleep too late.
  • Waking up inconsistent times.
    • this leads to the previous entry and sometimes sleeping too much aslo can cause a feeling of tiredness.
  • Staring into screens before or in bed.
    • The light directly in your eyes isn’t conducive to deep sleep.
  • Not getting stuff done in the morning instead of doing them instead of sleep.
  • Having no before bed routine.
    • without this routine, it is very easy to fall into other bad habits and setting aside time before bed increases the likelihood of actually getting to bed when you want.
  • Having no morning routine.
    • You want bedtime to be separate from the rest of your day cause you won’t sleep well if you stop what you are doing to sleep (or get ready for sleep) and get up and go straight back into what you were doing
  • Caffeine late in the day.
  • Not eating enough at mealtime and eating crap before bed.

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