14 Examples of Potential Consequences To Consider

Hello dwellers of the interweb, this list was originally intended to be Vague Examples of The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences but I changed it midway through.
I am not using the more scientific explanation of The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences instead I’m using it in more of a murphies law kind of sense. It has been brought to my attention that the law of unintended consequences has come to be used as an adage or idiomatic warning that an intervention in a complex system tends to create unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes.

  1. Increasing the size of roads or adding new ones doesn’t decrease traffic congestion, in fact, it
    actually can increase it through a tragedy of the commons “take the best road” scenario.
  2. Eating a sweet or sugary breakfast can cause a sugar crash or tiredness later in the day.
    • People also do this with caffeine but most people push that off with more caffeine heck they push off the sugar crash with caffeine but, all because you don’t Feel tired, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting performance.
  3. In the same vein rushing to get somewhere often has us running back to get something we forgot or arriving not ready and needing more time to prepare.
  4. It has been shown to me that waking up at a more consistent time for most of the week can be better than occasionally sleeping in.
  5. Attempting to ban anything people want or use almost always leads to a rise of an illegal black market for said product and causes a general increase in crime.
  6. The Streisand effect is a case of unforeseen consequences where attempts to censor o hide a piece of information brings attention to said piece of information.
  7. Tax exemption or tax brackets will always lead to some people exploiting system well-designed tax systems (although most tax systems aren’t well-designed and instead are full of loopholes for the corrupt) will be of minimum complexity and make it not worth the cost of exploiting them.
    • The least corruptible tax paper would be a single page but you could also take corruption into account and see where the benefits are greatest despite the cost of corruption.
  8. Most pest-control backfired in one way or another.
    • Invasive species being added to control the population of native pests, the uncontrollable population growth of a species the “pests” kept at bay…
  9. Many people are themselves an unforeseen consequence of their parents’ actions.
  10. Most bad dietary habits are caused by not considering the consequences when they first develop, a taste for something unhealthy.
  11. An unforeseen consequence of cheating (not in the relationship sense but that also technically applies here) is a lack of fulfillment or feeling of success when you win.
  12. Keeping secrets, in general, can often bring cause to lie about other things and when discovered on small lies people will suspect you of big ones.
  13. Investing money in charities without doing proper research often leads to the unforeseen consequence of having funded a corrupt group.
  14. Something I almost missed is that having the number of entries in this list be a number considered unlucky or that some people have bad connotations with, could have caused some people to apply said negative connotations to this list.

I’m trying to format my lists slightly differently for the sake of clarity please comment if you prefer the new format because if you do I will reformat all past lists to look the same.

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