Day 55 a quick update

Hello to every person, today is the day before Jewish new year and there are things I need to get ready so I’m just posting this as an excuse for not posting anything for the next 2 days.

10 sentences from the perspective of someone who forgot everything but still somehow except for the English language.

  1. the first day that is what I call periods of time days which are made from a certain number of hours which are made from minutes which are made from seconds. How do you make a second?
  2. The day after the darkness the apparently I know that the darkness is called night does it happen often?
  3. It was dark again last night apparently night is a daily thing the sun rises and falls then a new one comes.
  4. I called it the sun it must be the same thing it seems to travel across the land lighting different places and when it gets to me I call it day.
  5. I tried following the sun but it was too far away it’s strange though, it seems to be moving so slowly.
  6. I realized that things which are far away look like they are moving slower than they are food for thought.
  7. Thoughts that’s what the words in my head are called I didn’t think of that ha I did it again.
  8. I know there must be other people somewhere I people is a word.
  9. Words, Learn, Thoughts, Amnesia, amnesia is what it means to lose memories which are a type of thought so since I know I had amnesia I must have lost my thoughts.
  10. Ahhhhh I don’t want to lose my thoughts again there must be… yes writing it is a way to save thought outside of my head. How do I do that?

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