11 Bad Movie Ideas

  • The Lies of {insert political group/cult here} – documentary
  • The Love of his Life – Romance Parody
  • I Could Kill You With My Sock – Comedy Action Flick
  • Master Men vs The Government – parody documentary about how all superheros eventually turn against the government
  • All Hail The New Boss Just Like The Old Boss – movie about changing leaderships
  • Freemen – The Secret Service of like minded individuals (who get nothing done)
  • Ready. Set. Fire – A movie about war documentary makers
  • Goodnight Dictator – action spy slick
  • Lost In The Ice – a survival film in the style of The Martian
  • The Most Amazing Spectacular Heist To Ever Fail – Like The Producer where the main characters attempt to fail something in order to to get famous. Except it’s a Heist and they overestimate the security
  • The Porcelain God – a history of modern toilets

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