10 Possible Understandings of The Word Community

  • Community – my/our community – Us, we, “I choose to conform to the rules of our community because it makes us all better off”
  • Community – my/our community – Family, relatives, and those I treat as such
  • Community – their community – Them, other people, respect for something not fully understood.
  • Community – their community – Them, the other, fear and disgust of something not fully understood unknown.
  • Community – fan group/community – A group of likeminded individuals.
  • Community – the scholarly/scientific/journalistic community – The people we should believe, those who are right.
  • Community – the scholarly/scientific/journalistic community – them who lie to us all, a group of those in power spreading deception.
  • Community – the human community – A distant goal, the group I want to be part of.
  • Community – the human community – My ideological group, the line between what is human and what is an enemy.
  • Community – this community – The people and their norms in the place we currently reside.

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