10 Way’s You Can Lose An Argument While Still Furthering Your Agenda

Be careful with these using any of these exclusively, or using a small number of tricks can hurt your own integrity.

  1. For public arguments simply staying composed while your opponents get irrational, or emotional in a way that seems irrational, will present your side as the better one.
  2. Make it about how you were personally attacked and not about the subject matter. Do this after the argument not during.
  3. Agree with the other side and present one of your actions as a step towards their goal.
  4. End it on a peaceful note and leverage your opposition with a “we’re not so different you and I” line.
  5. The previous entry is also an example of how to speak to your audience and not your opponent.
  6. Don’t deny their endpoint instead, agree while going further than they find comfortable. This can either seed doubts within them or lead them to be more cautious about the consequences of what the say limiting the spread of their ideas.
  7. Turn yourself into a strawman representing ideas that don’t actually further your agenda and instead their argument will be against said strawman and not your actual goals.
  8. Align your ideas with a large group of the audience so that attacks on your ideas are taken personally. That said this one is often quite silly and is more likely to backfire than the other if not done perfectly if not done correctly.
  9. Make the subject of the argument a subsect of your ideas that you wish to separate from.
  10. Demonstrate how you were convinced by the other side in order to announce that you are changing your goals to be more similar to your opposition. If you are still glued to your end goals make the changes superficial.

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