A Quick Update

Greetings to the wise, for they know that they know nothing, I haven’t been posting much recently for reasons of religious holidays and the quality of my posts has also been suffering (or at least taking more time to reach). while Sunday is also a holiday I hope to improve the quality of my posts by getting back into certain creative practices I have been neglecting. I also intend to complete certain posts I had started writing and then got distracted. for today a simple list.

10 Possible First Steps So That I’ll Get Off My Ass And Do Something

  1. Posting somewhere and using it to hold myself accountable
  2. Start with the smallest possible exercise. In my case 1 pushup. Then extend it.
  3. A project with a Close Due Date.
  4. Look around and fix one thing in your environment. for example, a bowl isn’t centered on the table. Just fix it to get back into the habit of adjusting for a more optimal environment.
  5. Make a list but with intent.
  6. Try to recreate why you intended to do what you aren’t doing.
  7. Define a purpose for my desired daily habits and do them once with said purpose in mind.
  8. Start talking in the first person when constructing these lists ad pay attention to where I don’t.
  9. Start learning a new musical instrument.
  10. See what I can do to enhance everyday actions and re-read my old lists.

    I made them for myself as well.

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