10 Reasons I Talk To Strangers

Hello time travelers, Yesterday we went to a family event when out and about we started conversations with people I haven’t interacted with much and I have been thinking about how to start conversation and about keeping them alive but that is a list for a later date.

  • I can learn about fields you never knew were interesting.
  • I endear myself to the people around me ensuring if any of them have a violent/terroristic event I won’t be the hostage they execute.
    • This is a good motivator when feeling paranoid
  • It helps to develop a wider array of contacts.
  • The purpose of most social events is to have the people you know meet other people you know increasing the wealth of social interactions you can have. When I go to any such an event I feel morally obligated to attempt to be social because otherwise, I’m just stealing food.
  • It often provides good entertainment.
  • People, if you talk to them for more than fifteen minutes, will tell you a lot about their life. This helps me get a better view of the human experience.
  • I ask questions and talk about things I normally wouldn’t because I don’t have a relationship with the person I’m talking to that I can jeopardize.
  • It’s a good way to test ideas I don’t want to tie myself to.
  • And it helps me bounce ideas off of people whose experience I don’t fully share.
  • It helps me get out of my head when I am overthinking things like this.

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