10 Tips and Tricks To Help Recognize Logical Fallacies

I may eventually make a mini-course or series of videos on the subject.

  • Get or print out a deck of Logical Fallacy Flash Cards leave them on a coffee table another place you will occasionally pick them up.
  • If the deck you get is the Critical Thinking Cards Deck or a similarly recognizable deck try and flash them when other people are talking. This will lose you some friends but can be really funny when done behind someone’s back.
  • During comedy routines a lot of jokes are examples of bad logic made funny trying to watch for said bad logic will improve your recognition of logical fallacies.
  • The previous entry can also be done when watching comedic movies. I personally would recommend doing so to the opening scene of The Pentagon Wars.
  • Observe a few arguments where you got emotional. You will find that when getting incredibly emotional about a subject of arguments we say things that don’t make sense. On the other hand, sometimes we get emotional because of our opponent’s fallacies making them impossible to reason with.
  • Get in better thought out arguments.
  • Spend some time developing lines of logic that you can use when discussing certain subjects and watch if there are any fallacies in said line of logic you can iron out.
  • Write out an argument when tired and revisit it when less tired to see what fallacies exist in your communication of the subject matter.
  • Read some propaganda with intent to disprove it.

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