10 Episodic Story Ideas

  • Myths and Math:
    • A documentary exploring places where mysticisms and science intertwined.
  • The Stories Of A Man:
    • A Documentary exploring different environments and periods of history and taking a prototype of a person, with fixed personality traits, and showing who that person would be if he grew up in that time. The idea is to explore everything up to pre-natal effects on development so that we can have a better understanding of why we are how we are.
  • The Prophet:
    • A guy is magically aware of all the consequences of his own actions (or at least the most likely consequences). The show/comic starts where he is living a relatively normal life but optimized in order to benefit the world and the people around him but it all changes when a friend of his dies in an accident he couldn’t predict. (If this interests you comment, as I would like to go into more detail in a later post)
  • Back In Their Day:
    • Time travelers travel to the past and attempt to change them but get outsmarted by various historical figures.
  • What Is foretold:
    • Guy tricks the people around him that he can tell the future by being vague and saying incredibly wise sounding statements.
  • Lessons Never Learned:
    • A documentary exploring political issues that are being negelcted or ignored and places where opposing political parties and places where opposing political parties act identically
  • Great Men Think Alike:
    • Multiple people come up with the same idea in different places at different times.
  • Fallen From Grace:
    • A story about a group of people rebuilding themselves and earning money power and titles they previously failed to hold.
      Characters: A high ranking military official who got his job thanks to connections and lost it because of abuse of power and incompetence.
      A politician who is trying to recover from a scandal.
      Guy loses all his parents’ money and has to pull himself back up by his bootstraps.
  • The faceless ones:
    • A story about the lower-ranking officials and operatives who do all the work.
  • Better not told:
    • A pair of immortal beings argue whether certain events are trulyully better not told or if there is some benefit to knowing their existence. Each episode is a story as the immortals zoom back and forth using different sections of the story to further their arguments.

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