10 Things We Do Because We don’t Want to Work

Hello Earthlings, I spent most of today traveling and though I was writing a slightly longer post today I just can’t seem to focus and since it’s getting late here is a lazy list. (A list about being lazy not a list done because I’m lazy. I probably wouldn’t make this list were I less tired as by writing this down I can’t treat the actions I take as non-problems)

  1. Go to sleep too late. As a result, we are either too tired or icky feeling to get things done or we wake up too late to follow our plans/schedule.
  2. We give up on our plan when we miss or fail a step.
  3. We start the day with a distraction.
  4. We time things in a way so that we can’t get everything done.
  5. We give ourselves too many projects.
  6. We don’t differentiate tasks by a matter of importance. Instead, we give ourselves general lists of everything we want to do.
  7. We are unwilling to give up on certain small pleasures that get in our way.
  8. We also don’t differentiate between different types of leisure instead, we waste our time without getting proper rest.
  9. We don’t build productive habits around work instead spending enormous amounts of effort getting relatively simple stuff done.
  10. We are either unwilling to provide order for ourselves our we do so in such a way that we tyrannize ourselves and as such feel the need to rebel falling back into other negative patterns (including among other things the entries of this list)

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