My 10 next posts (in order)

Because I’m out of ideas for these and because:
if you can’t come up with one idea come up with ten.

  1. 10 fantasy world ideas.
  2. 10 villain characters.
  3. 10 new things I learned this day.
  4. 10 uncommon yet useful skills I will acquire.
  5. a Collection of tricks to help with writing. This post will not be ideas that are mine but it gives me more time to look this up and integrate them. Hopefully, so that I can write better posts.
  6. A Cat’s Perspective Part (because I shouldn’t give up on this yet).
  7. 10 Possible reasons for writing this. I love meta but this will be more about this “blog” in general.
  8. 10 pairs of contradictory bits of common wisdom.
  9. 10 way’s to seem more original.
  10. 10 Reasons you should recommend this blog. Because I am lost in what direction to take this and need some feedback (I would like there to be people responding to what I’m putting out there as I feel as if I’m spending undue time and effort shouting into the abyss and am ony working on this in order to be working on something).

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