10 fantasy world ideas.

  • Sun and Moon are worshiped as gods, every night the sun fight of the great forces of darkness while the moon is a great protector. The story could start with the moon being eaten by the great dragon of night and attempts to prevent the coming apocalypse.
  • Worldbuilding based upon the ancient Greek theory that everything is made of fire. A small yet incredibly rich democracy is discovered by an overseas empire. The story would be about preventing the first wave using technologies derived from a better understanding of the nature of fire politicking ensues as the democracy knows it can’t hold back the empire forever.
  • In this world, many mythological creatures and monsters exist and some of their unique abilities remain with their bodies when they die. The story would follow a small tribal society as they develop some of the first technologies based on using parts of the magical creatures that surround them in order to apply certain effects. Continues on from a story of early farming and animal husbandry into a story of conquest and empire.
  • Floating islands over a water-covered planet, Later discovered that said floating islands are a remnant from a now nonexisting space-traveling society and the humans are descendants of early settlers.
  • A world with a low level of technology where the ruling class in most of the world are wizards but wizardry is a scam as the wizards are actually descendants of a now fallen high tech society with a fear of introducing certain technologies into the world as that had led to the end of the world as they knew it.
  • A world wherein some people have natural magical power and when working together can achieve great acts, practically though magic is used similarly to electricity where the minority of magic users are actually imprisoned and bred in order to be used as a power source.
  • Because I need some urban fantasy in here as well, the Modern world but cults start displaying signs of magical power for which you have to be a true believer to use. There will be many such cults each of which having different goals, morality, and powers, but even the “good” ones require incredible feats of devotion and almost all of them attempt to brainwash people into joining them.
  • Next urban fantasy, History is a lie, most conspiracy theories are true, aliens are among us, homeopathy works, Some comedic elements reminiscent of Good Omens, but taken in more of an “if this was actually true” kind of way. The world is actually a simulation but the computer controlling the simulation based the world off of the beliefs of its inhabitants and is using their brainpower to attempt to take over the real world.
  • In this world, there is a low population density and people can wield enormous amounts of power but only if they know how. The truly powerful tend to be so protective of their secrets that only the chosen ones, chosen for their loyalty and naivete, are given the knowledge required for real power. The plot will follow a revolutionary who became as such after he learned the secret of why the chosen ones are really chosen.
  • A large planet in which there are many “Magic-sites’ – floating gardens, glowing trees, sideways gravity mountains, etc. A story set in this world would be set around world powers fighting and politicking over different magic-sites which they want to take advantage of (power production, farming, extracting natural resources, etc).
    • I’d put a mandatory meta-comment here but fantasy itself is a commentary on the world in which it is written.

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