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I started working on the 10 Villain Characters list and since I am taking it far too seriously it is ending up far longer and more complex than anticipated, I have decided to will post it later (3 days at most). First I will apologize for not staying honest with my word when listing my nest ten posts. In addition, I will use myself as an example of why You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep and how it hurts your ability to stay honest and trustworthy.

10 Things which hurt integrity:

  • Promising things you can’t or won’t keep too.
  • Being vague or unspecific.
  • Moving your own goalposts.
  • White lies.
  • Denying one’s own mistakes.
  • Ad hominem attacks.
  • Gossip.
  • Not admitting to past lies.
  • Not revealing past mistakes even when others don’t notice.
  • Presenting the future as definite.

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