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10 More Creative Exercises

  • Do a word association exercise and writing down fifty words. After Which Fill in sentences between the words.
  • Try describing an event happening in reverse order.
  • Watch a video then halfway through the video stop to try and see how the video will end and in addition make up an ending.
  • “If you can’t come up with an idea come up with ten”
    This helps people with brainstorming as the quality and effectiveness of the ideas don’t matter.
  • When having an idea try acting out the implementation of the idea consequences if it becomes wide-spread and problems that may come in your way.
  • Argue with someone smarter than you and after the argument rethink both your views and your arguments.
  • Try and come up with arguments against your view that if they were true would cause you to change your mind.
  • Look at an everyday object, as an example, we will take a bottle of ketchup, and come up with reasons it is designed as it is, why is the bottle that shape, how does color come into the equation, is it meant to remind people of tomatoes or seem as if it were farther removed from them, etc.
  • Try to write a short story. You can take a course first.
  • Actively (pay attention and try to learn from or at least understand) watch other people during creative endeavors, painting, glassblowing, sculpting, you know, things you can see.

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